Where do I start? (Volume 2 - since I used the title before already it tells me)

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

Traits that cause the exact same effect should have the following shared characteristics:

  • Same trait name.
  • Same capital letters in the text.
  • Same text description word…for…word.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
The trait names being different is actually the first time that I know of. But the text description has been an issue since the creation of Gems of War. And y’all keep saying you’re gonna go back and fix it. But continue to release text that will have to be fixed later on. So that tells us you really have no intention of ever fixing the description issues.

Steps to make it happen again
Be able to read above a fifth grade level and spend too much time playing Gems of War. So then stuff like this starts to cause minor head aches every 6 months or so. Then you get over it. Until it happens again.

I realize this is a bug report and not a comedy hour. This issue isn’t game breaking by any means. But I’m trying to express how sad these things are to catch over and over on just a professional level. While making sure (since this is a text based platform) that I and others aren’t screaming from the mountains enraged about it. It’s more like…hey guys and gals… Have some self respect in your work and do some proof reading. Otherwise we will once in a while mock you accordingly for it… As you deserve to be mocked for it.

(Btw…since this is not my profession and I don’t get paid a dime for these probono reports. I won’t be proof reading this report. So forgiveness in advance for any potential hypocrisy. :person_shrugging:)


Although not game breaking, it is still a problem and am glad to see a bug report. Changes in names or text makes filtering difficult. I often search for troops that convert gems of a player picked colour. Because of text inconsistencies, the text could be either “Transform a chosen Mana color to…” or “Transform a selected Mana color to…”. So, if I want to filter troops that can do this, I set “Spell Effect” to “Convert Gems” then do 2 searches: one for “chose” and one for “select”.


Agree, this needs to be fixed. Why not change Phoenicia’s third trait to have a 100% chance to burn a random enemy at the start of a turn? Would that change break the game? I think not.


had similar problem with a unit that have 50% chance to devour and after 30 game it NEVER devoured someone (and yes there was units that was not protected from devouring) yo even cyber panther with his 10% devoir generaly around 1-3 skill use

I think it would be fine to keep it as separate traits with different names. One could potentially argue this magma bear can’t cause sun flares like Phoenicia can. But the description should be the same for both, word for word. The traits are mechanically the same, the description should be the same too.

These common wording inconsistencies are painful to see :frowning_face:

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That’s isn’t a case of this topic. This is about 2 things:

  • different traits (with different names), but working exactly the same
  • inconsistent wording in spell descriptions, which makes it harder to find troops with exact traits/effects with search engine

This is probably caused by the same design error which makes them unable to implement troop and weapon changes. I fear every weapon and troop is implemented individually, so that’s why can see bugs in newly released troops with well known spell effects.

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RNG going to RNG.

This is a different “issue”, issue in quotes because I’m unsure of the right term and it’s not exactly an issue. 50% chance could allow 30 failed attempts in a row. It’s unlikely, but possible. 30 is a small sample size to check if that 50% is accurate or not. If you think that isn’t accurate though, make a new thread and hopefully between you and some others, enough data would be collected.

Yep, if the traits do the exact same thing, they should say the same word for word in the description and the name should be the same too.

If I test a troop and it don’t devour at least once out of 30 attempt, I declare it as a piece of crap and never touch it again. RNG works very weirdly in this game.

I typed up a response about probability and thoughts on pity systems, but ultimately, this is derailing the topic and should be its own post.

Good for you. You have 50% chance. Why are you complaining? :slight_smile: