Text Descriptions - Can they be updated

The text description for traits enabled after matching >3 gems is poor, can these change?

One example being for Abhorath - ‘Gain 2 Life on 4 or 5 Gem matches’ could be ‘Gain 2 Life on matches of 4+ Gems’.

Seems unnecessary tho…

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If you match 6 or 7?

Matching 6 or 7 (or 64 for that matter) for all intents and purposes is no different than matching 5

The text states on matches of 4 or 5 only, it actually occurs on anything above 3.

It is incorrect.


If this thread to point out minor problems with the console version of Gems. I would like to add…

STOP Chopping off the left and right sides of almost every Menu screen. This includes: PvP, Chests, Hero, Troops, Mail.

The only one not sliced off is the new Guild tab that was recently added. When I brought this up (about the original tabs) before well over a year ago I was told something like “its supposed to be chopped off”. Obviously its not since “Infinity Plus 2” has taken over they have it correct when Guild tab was added. Please fix the original screens. So the Goldish skull shows or doesn’t.

Thank you

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