Using the words bug and feature synonymously


It’s either redundant or lazy design or both.


… What’s the bug?

Are the traits not working? Does magic not get applied at all? Does it get applied to allies other than Yellow allies? Applied when matching other gems/skulls?

Devs can’t fix your bug if you don’t give enough information. They supply you with a template to follow to garner more conducive information.
If there is no bug then this post would be better suited for a different category.

The design ‘rule’ used to be that mythics and doomed troops get a completely unique effect for their third trait.

As far as I know, this is the first mythic/doomed troop to violate that ‘rule’.


I give the amount of details needed to fix “the bug”. If there was something wrong with the coding then I would give them more details. But as mentioned already. It’s not a bug in the code but a bug in the design since the traits are duplicated.

Lack of QA still goes under this thread for the devs. Maybe not so much for jury of my peers. :person_shrugging:

They both also start the battle with a light storm… so 2 of the three traits are identical

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I feel like that is on purpose because God forbid we used the trait to buff Phoenicia and make the game 0.01% less grindy.

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As is, he works nicely with the yellow dragon.

I hope they won’t change his third trait to something completely useless.