[Not a bug] Mimics in explore

Platform, device version and operating system:
Windows 10 x64

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I am battling explore on L3 - so enemy level 21. And the third time, when it’s up to the boss, I get the mimics. Which goes for the full maximum of L150! As reward for this only doubled, it sounds very unfair. For the pictured battle I got 2 token of Gaard, for example (ha-ha).

So I think, changes must be implemented: mimics must be the same level as main explore, not unconditional L150. (After all, it’s very unfair for players who have no strength yet to beat L150 monsters).

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Always, since mimics introduced, I believe.

Steps to make it happen again

  • Set explore to arbitrary low level.
  • Encounter mimics.

Working as intended:

Both battles against the Mimic and Hoard Mimic in Explore will be based on the highest difficulty the player has unlocked, rather than the currently set difficulty of the Explore Run.


Yes, but it doesn’t make it fair. I think, it’s overlook. Either mimics must give much better reward than a usual run (no, 2x isn’t “much”, if you going to get almost nothing. Upgrade the rarity, at least!), or must cost about the same as usual battle. Ok, maybe 2x of usual battle, as it gives 2x reward (it’s still not exactly fair, as 4 overpowered monsters isn’t the same as one mythic boss, but still better than now). Also, it means that mimics are nothing for player that can win L150 Mythic battle, and still will give you much better reward then “playing L30, then overpowered enemy” like now. “Overly hard battle for nothing” hardly was planned, no?

I think it is fair because you have to unlock the E12 before the encounter of the mimic at max level. So you have the power to beat that team. Before the fight, you just change your team with an E12 team. It is not a delve.


I had today on explore 1 the mimic’s battle and got the mythic Hoard Mimic and 5 tokens of Gaard
In an earlier vault weekend, same yeah you must not quick click through then you have the wrong team for a 150 Level but I play week after week expl 12 and that gave me not the Hoard Mimic battle only the Mimic so find it pretty funny to see that you can get it on all explore levels :wink:

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I disagree.

  • You need to win one explore run for given difficulty to unlock the next. And it can be done in any kingdom, while some NPC teams are much harder (or easier) than another. And you cannot lower difficulty after that. I totally can imagine the case when I can kill one L150 group easily and another one will wipe me in a minutes (actually, I keep getting such examples in a week events, where my choice of troops is quite limited).
  • Mimics are somewhat overkill, as they can devour the enemies. Not a big deal for big universal teams and 1000+ level players. Not so easy for others.
  • Again: it’s a too hard fight for the too minor reward. So what reason for it? I can imagine several, but all are failed in close examination:
  1. It’s done to stop exploit mimic spawning by chaining Explore 1. Doesn’t work. Special award is the same for any difficulty (thanks, @Shivandri ), usual ones doesn’t worth it.
  2. It’s done to give low-level run some unexpected reward. Again, doesn’t work, as mostly it’s a crappy reward.
  3. It’s done to incentive high level explore run. Doesn’t work, as occasional 2x award doesn’t worth 20x time of L1. And still can be crappy.

As I said, much better would be to scaling award to the difficulty level - along with the mimics themselves. So L1 difficulty would get 2x usual award, and that’s all, and L12 would have much harder mimics, and much more worthy awards. No?

What I find most sadness is that I got the most Nysha and Anu tokens on L 9 or L 10 and that I got on L 12 more than 80% tokens of Gaard of Orpheus sorry but on L 12 tokens of Gaard really!! Then with Hoard mimic x5 whoop whoop 10 to 15 useless tokens and imo so unfair for the battle you played

Its not a bug, its working like its supposed too. That doesnt mean it has to be fair though


Bug, no. Bad design, heck yes. Whenever I speed farm low to mid level Explores, having Mimic fights at the equivalent of E12 difficulty disrupts my rhythm because I have to switch teams and those battles take longer…

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you can also simply retreat from the fight. You’ll get your base medals instead of x2 and go on with your day.


Agree with @beeflog. Just retreat. Though would be nice if we can turn off the feature. I kinda like the mimic battles as it is giving extra tokens. It only gets in the way during vault event. I hope devs can change the stats relative to explore level you are on. For now, retreat is the best option and go on with our day.


I’m well aware of being able to retreat, and I often do that on E1-E5 (kinda hate doing that on E6 or E7 though, due to the chance of Anu tokens). But still, it does disrupt the flow of the grind and so it’s bad design. I do like the idea @Wow posted about adding the option to turn off Mimic battles when speed grinding, maybe allow us to choose what difficulties to allow Mimic battles. Personally, I’d only want to allow them on E9 or higher if such an option existed.

Its defo not a bug full agree and tbh the battle dont cost me real much but I find it personal not motivated that you get on explore level 12 get Gaard’s tokens as reward!
I dont say that it must be always Nysha otherwise is its to simple but truly gaards tokens must from L 9 not be given Areana, Anu, Yasmine are much lesser I got most of the time Gaard and Orpheus tokens and after 36 KD’s and no Anu or Nysha my fun get some lesser and go do something else.
yeah and with the mimic x2 or x 5 that can have better rewards but I have 3 mythic hoard Mimic so Im not complaining over that.
I like to play my game and if something is not fun atm I have enough other things to do in my game :wink:

I usually quickly switch to a neighbor kingdom and just play the chest after the timer runs out.