[Not a bug] Horned Hag can summon Horned Hag

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Troops that summon “a random X” where X is a race or kingdom usually have themselves excluded from the pool, but this is not the case for Horned Hag.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Noticed it today for the first time

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King Avelorn, Goblin King, King Highforge, Hyndla Frostcrown, Gar’Nok, Ancestor Brodir, Kobra, Nexus Portal, Umbral Portal, Vanya Soulmourn… I’ve neer seen any of these troops summon a copy of themselves, though they could given their spell text.

Similar thread with no comment from the team back in February…

“Usually”? I’ve seen Emperinazara summon a second Emperinazara.

I’m inclined to think this less of a bug (per se) than a consequence of the extremely narrow selection of “hags” (Hag, Night Hag, and now Horned Hag) making it occur much more often than with other random summons. (To say nothing of troops that can purposely summon themselves, e.g. Pyggra, Mecha Rat, Winged Bison…)

Further testing with previous random summon troops could still be interesting, though…

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Because the ‘hag’ troop pool is only 3 troops, like @Stratelier mentioned, Horned Hag can summon themself into battle.

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FWIW, this is new only for Switch, other platforms discussed this far back as 2018-19, where there indeed was some sentiment of “summoners cannot randomly summon themselves”.

I may have to double-check with some of the ones I have … I can remember running double-Emperinazara team for a faction team run, maybe I’m getting that mixed up with this.

But as “hag” is not an official parameter (Troop Type or Kingdom), this implies Horned Hag’s summon pool is coded directly into the spell effect itself, similar to other troops with ‘unofficial’ summon types (e.g. Queen Moonclaw).

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Slightly off-topic: but the artwork for all 3 Hags is really good :+1:

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yeah, Hag, Gnoll, and Kobold all seem to be hand-coded, and could be eligable to self-summon or not on a whim. The real test will come when we get a new kobold to see if it gets added to Emperinazara’s pool…