Raging Bull

Anyone knows the boost ratio for the Legendary?

(Edit: 1:1 boost ratio, only :sob:)

Thanks for doing the QA that the Devs consistently don’t.



rofl, that is well said… the sarcasm drips like flowing river.


150 Event Keys, 7x Legendary, 2 Ketras :fire:

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A random Gnoll? There’s only one troop called Gnoll, so what random Gnolls we talking 'bout?

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A list was posted here:

Oh thank you :slight_smile:

Ran some tests.

Bane Jaw - 25
Gnoll - 44
Savage Hunter - 36
Wild Fang - 0

Total - 105

I added Wild Fang initially because it should fit the pattern of the other 3. Not sure why it wasnt included.

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And Queen Moonclaw is a Gnoll herself, isn’t she? It would be nice if she could summon another QM.

The troops were chosen by Numberwang. When it says “random Gnoll” it means “we literally asked the RNG to tell us which troops were Gnolls”.

Alternate explanation: a troop rework is in order, Gnoll is a new, upcoming creature type related to a new kingdom-like-thing on the 3rd map, and the devs got a little too excited and released this troop before its content. Like Gadgets in Magic: the Gathering, we’ll have fun imagining more Gnolls arrive for the next few years.

Yeah, Wild Fang needs to be added to the summoning pool. He has the gnoll hatred trait, he’s from the same kingdom as the other gnolls, and he’s not really any better or worse than the other three. Really doesn’t make sense that he wasn’t included.

Tool tip says +69 damage. It does 56 total. Appears the total damage bonus does not match the tool tip.

Thanks for letting us know team, we are looking into these troops now.

And just to clarify, a troop cannot summon a copy of themselves unless their spell states otherwise. (Eg, Winged Bison.)


Or the troops name is “CopyCat”.

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EDIT: look you’re not wrong.


I understood our conversation as the difference between summoning and transforming.

But now you’ve lost me again. :frowning:

Gems of War should offer college credit, so please put being “accredited” on the feature request. I don’t know what they call it in Aussie Land.

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Honestly this could be me misremembering mid migraine. The explanation I made in your copy cat thread is the one to refer too.


I’m just not tracking how Copycat isn’t classified as a summoner though.
She’s basically like Princess Elspeth. Who I assume if she was a knight, she wouldn’t be able to summon her self.

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Summoners summon. That’s what they do, guaranteed. Is AW a summoner because it has 75% chance to summon on enemy death? Is a Hyena a summoner because it can summon 3 copies of itself? No, because it requires a kill.

Does the Copycat’s spell do what it says it will do? Yes. Time to hitch a ride on a Winged Buffalo, and move on. For the herd.

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