[Fixed] Xathenos Not Summoning


When killing an enemy with Xathenos he sometimes won’t summon.

This started a week ago. Sometimes he will summon 1 undead troop and sometimes he will summon no troops at all.

Seems to be completely random.

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Confirming this (Steam)
Before cast

After cast

Tinkered for a few minutes longer (all casts with guaranteed kills and empty slots available, enemies targeted in various positions) - no summons 5 times out of 7 (successes were - 1 troop summoned and 2 troops summoned, so at least that part seems to working somewhat correct).


Happened to me this week, in an important battle too.

This issue should be fixed now, please let me know if you continue having trouble.

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Now Xathenos can summon a pair of identical troops.
I understand it doesn’t contradict the description, but does it work as expected?

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At least that’s how all the other spells that summon troops work. Technically, if the troops were not allowed to be identical the proper wording would be “summon distinct random troops”.

The real question, does he always summons identical troops?

I understand, but I had never seen identical troops being summoned before these issues.
And about all summonners, can Oni do this?

No, only sometimes

Potentially yes, depending on the summoner. There aren’t many capable of summoning multiple (randomly selected) troops – let’s see:

  • Emperinazara
  • Flaming Oni
  • Kobra
  • Sir Gwayne
  • Tink Steamwhistle
  • Xathenos

Tink and Emperinazara are probably the easiest to research because of their small summon pools.

I mean, have your seen this? I’ve never seen Xathenos summoning same troops before these troubles. And I use him very often, every day literally

From my experience he is mostly summoning only 1 troop for me. Prior to
these issues it was almost always 2.

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