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Xathenos bugged

I think Xathenos is bugged at the moment. On my team he didn’t summon a troop when he casted his spell and killed a troop. Yes I had an open spot. He was not frozen or stunned. This happened 3 times. The spell sometimes procs and sometimes doesn’t. Now playing against him. He was the last troop on the board. My Sunbird casted and he did not die. Tried a few more casts and he did not die. I killed him finally with skulls. Please check into him. I like this troop a lot.
Gorg, Xathenos, Dawnbringer, Scorpious is a fun team with bard class.

We’ll investigate Xathenos.


Beat me too it! Thanks for the report. Added to known issues thanks to your report and a few others!

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We’ve just put out a potential fix for this.

You will need to restart the game completely to get the changes.

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Thank you for the quick response. The Dev team is awesome.

Thank you. Great rapid response. Dev team is amazing.