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[Not a bug] Gw defense. Not scoring correctly

Pretty sure this isnt a “bug” because your definition of a bug didnt sound like my issue at least bo one in my family guilds (we have 3) has this issue, but anyway my GW defense is not scoring correctly when I hit pvp/battle log it shows several fights from that days gw battles but in my gw defense screen it only shows either just the losses/or no battles at all

And you know those are GW battles and not regular pvp battles how?


Those battles you think are GW battles are likely revenge battles offered to the opponents you beat in GW if they’re doing PvP, since GW battles are for all intents & purposes PvP battles (I.e. they affect your PvP ratings & stats and they affect revenge algorithms). So you’ll frequently see extra battles from the guild’s you fight in GW.