GW Points are lower than normal

Played my GW battles today. Last 4 battles I used Divine Ishballa/Infernus/Spirit Fox/Queen Mab. Champion (4th) battle I didn’t lose a troop and only scored 998 points. Paragon battle I lost Ish but still only scored 968 points. I should’ve scored between 1500 and 1600 for each of those battles. All my defenses are unique as well.

This is likely due to this long known bug:

Your score is being calculated based on some other team than the one you used.

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Possibly, but only other team I was using was Fire Bomb x4 to lose a PvP battle before my GW battle.

Yep, that’s a full red team, which costs you several hundred points each battle on a non-red day.

Is it a pc only bug? Im not sure it occur on xbox, or maybe but didin’t notice

That’s jacked up. Seriously.

you played everything right and your score just magically gets reamed? that’s enough to make the whole scoring for the bracket ineligible. if it can’t be a fair, credible scoring, it is not worth the paper it’s printed on. in this case, not even worth the screen it appears on. it is bumpkiss, codswallop, worthless.


It sure is surprising… You pick the right team, wreck the 5 fights, look at your score at the end, yay, 7560… -_-

Do you have more details on what happened for you, @Eohor? Did anything unusual happen while you were doing the battles, and what had you been doing before that/how long had you been playing? Were you online over reset, or were there any other connection issues that you noticed, including chat?

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Wasn’t online for the reset. All I did before GW was the 3 daily dungeon battles (with only 1 yellow unit in the team)… Then the 5 GW battles and check the score at the end, like every other day. Didn’t pay attention to chat, and had no connection issue

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Very disappointed today. As I was on track to getting over 57,000 but had to settle for just under 55k consider math is different in AU?. Please fix.

Hey, I know how important Guild Wars are and how frustrated you must be. I’ve passed on the information you’ve provided along with your account logs to the development team to check.

I’ll let you know when I have info or if we need more information.

@Eohor Which VIP level are you at? Any chance you don’t have free scouting and paid 50 gold to see the teams?