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GW scores not calculating defensive wins

Dear Support
I had 4 wins in yesterdays GW win and its showing as " - " in the results section of GW Defense Tab. Also today day 2, I have 4 wins and 2 loses. Thse results are not correctly updated. I keep seeing issues with the game. Please check my account umzgl to rectify this problem. I also dont think my score is correct. Where is the bonus from yesterday of 2000?

Hmm, you say 4 wins and 2 losses today…is that specifically defense wins/losses? Did you see that when opening PvP tab from the world map?
In that case, it shows all PvP activity, not necessarily something that is Guild Wars related.

If your GW defence tab shows “-” it means that nobody faced your GW defence team.

As for 2000 bonus - it only applies if you actually finish your first GW battle; error messages, game crashes, retreating results in 0 points.

Any screenshots you could provide illustrating your problem would be helpful and appreciated.

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What @Dust_Angel said. Also, you only get the 2000 points if the defense team you’re using is different from the defense teams you used on previous days.

Assuming you know this but adding it to this thread in case anyone doesn’t know: to get the “free” 2000 points per day, you need to set 6 different defense teams, with 4 different troops each, for a total of 24 different troops. Level doesn’t matter unless you’re in a top bracker guild, but by then you already know this. Different weapons count as different troops and hero classes don’t affect this count.

Our guild master didn’t pay attention to which defense teams she had set up and ended up repeating one day, missing out on rhe 2000 points.

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Thanks I added some attachments.

I have 24 different troops set up so I’m expecting 12000 bonus in total.

There is clearly a problem with PS version.

Cant send video as file not accepted.

What about screenshots? Of your defense teams, your score, and whatever other information you believe is useful to proving the issue.

I am uploading the attachments here. Thanks for your help all. Email replies didnt work. I hope it works now.

Just in case this isn’t clear, your defensive wins don’t raise your GW score, they only affect the GW score of the one who lost against you.