(Not a bug) Frozen enemies don't skip turns on Extra Turns since 4.2 Update!

PC, Steam client, Game:, OS: Win 7x64 SP1

Screenshot or image

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Enemy that was frozen took their own mana color/s (yellow/green) with a 4-5 gem match, and did not skip a turn during AI cascades, when you could hear that sound when the enemy gets re/frozen or debuffed, like subtracting attack values (Elemaugrim), when you do 4-5 matches (extra turns).
Urskula unit was one such example. Just reproduce the circumstance once you kill an enemy and after Urskula gets frozen, then hope that Urskula card will take a 4-5 match to see how it will go.
If all goes well, you will hear the sound of freezing, freezing effect re-applied, but the turn will not be skipped.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Not always, but it’s quite common.

Steps to make it happen again
Take the Assassin class with the Skeleton Key +10
Talents: Hunt, Chill of Death, Light Fingers, Backup, Stealthy (Level 40)

Cedric Sparklesack

Did the way Freeze works change around 4.0 or 4.1?

I think that freeze used to mean that if for example, a troop using blue is frozen, then if blue is matched the turn will end no matter what. Even if the blue wasn’t needed because the troop was full of mana, or if the blue match caused matches of other colors, the turn still ends.

But for some time now, both my troops and enemy troops using blue (for example) can be frozen, but when matching blue the turn might not end. I haven’t paid enough attention to see exactly what situations cause the turn to continue or end, and was hoping someone else would post about it.

Don’t know if the above is related to what you’ve seen here.

Without a video of this happening it’s hard to comment. Discord user ‘Ozru’ explained Frozen this way yesterday, it wasn’t how I thought it worked but it could explain this (emphasis is my addition):

If any frozen troop uses the same color of mana as the last 4-match or 5-match in a cascade, you get no extra turn, even if you had other 4-match or 5-match before it. Likewise, if the last part of the cascade matches 4 (doom)skulls and your first troop is frozen, you get no extra turn, even if you matched 4 or 5 other gems earlier in the cascade.

So it’s possible what’s happening is you see a 4-match that shouldn’t generate an extra turn, but then another 4-match happens in cascades that follow.

I don’t like how complex the Frozen mechanics are, I wish it was simply “you have to make a 4-match of an unfrozen color, period”.

Something is definitely wrong here.
Getting the exact mana colors from a frozen unit that’s doing several 4-5 matches or cascades, even if it only happened once, should always skip its turn, because you can hear that sound and you see re-applied Frozen effect on a selected/affected unit.

Is it possible you could share a video or at least some screenshots from during the match?

I understand the general gist of the issue you are describing, but if possible some more detailed steps to reproduce this would be helpful. This is what I think you mean: Cast Skeleton key, kill first enemy, Urskula is frozen on enemy team but the opposite enemy (e.g. Tyri) can still have an extra turn. Or do you miss the extra turn? :thinking:

Well, I never missed or you never miss an extra turn, but somehow the enemy will have it, even when frozen, but not always!

You can know this when you hear that debuff sound and see the frozen screen of the unit that gets reapplied.
Problem is when they can still continue to make moves after a 4-5 match. I’ll ask my Guild to help me.
Yeah, I am aware that the best course of action would be to record.
Just yesterday, I got the Skeleton Key bug three times, but never when I was actually recording…

I suppose I should record all of the matches now, and delete each recording if it turned out to be normal to avoid getting more used space?

Frozen doesn’t skip turns, it makes actions invalid for extra turns:

  • Extra turns from spells cast by the frozen troop
  • 4+ matches belonging to the same mana color as the frozen troop
  • 4+ skull matches in case the front troop is frozen

The sound effect plays whenever one of the above happens. All other actions still trigger an extra turn, so if a blue/green troop is frozen and you make a 4+ blue match as well as a 4+ brown match you get to move again. This is working as intended.


I’m just posting to confirm what Fourdottwoone said :slight_smile:

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