Old bug persists, froozen oponent gets an extra turn

Platform, device version and operating system:

This is a bug that has been reported in the past.
A frozen enemy troop makes a 4 gem match and gets an extra turn. This happened several times this week fortunately without doing much harm.
It happened during Explore, New Class event, Dungeon…
It’s something that only happens sometimes so how to repeat it? No idea… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Freeze only prevents extra turns if that troop uses that color mana. If it’s another color or skulls they get the extra turn.

I need to add something.
Freeze only applies if you take a 4 or 5-match or more of that frozen unit’s color.

Since I’m playing this game for a while I do know how freeze works and I also now that what I saw happening is/was a bug.
And again this is a bug that has been reported in the past. One that I thought was resolved since I haven’t seen it for while but… it looks to be back… :unamused:

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I believe you. I have seen it several times myself. It annoys me greatly as well.

To fix this kind of bug the devs need to be able to reproduce it. You might want to give them more than just words, preferably a video, for them to acknowledge and look into it. Otherwise they just assume you were confused or didnt see a cascaded 4 match which gave the extra turn.
What i find weird is console players have the ability to record last 30 or so seconds but none of them have posted a video showing this bug

First of all I’m not playing on a console but on a PC.:grin:
Second the dev’s now the problem exist because in the past I’ve had an answer from them saying they know it’s real.:wink:
And third it’s something random and it happens very rarely and under different circumstances, so it’s darn difficult to say how and when it happens.:woozy_face:
Fourth: If I would know in advance it’s gonna happen I would make a video of it, but since I’m not clairvoyant I don’t know and I’m not prepared to video a whole week long all my games just in case it “might” happen. That would be to many hours of video…:grin:

I didnt say you played on console, what i meant was that we should have been able to see more clips showing this bug by console players despite how rare it is
Unfortunately i dont think what that dev told you means much as the bug didnt make it to the known bug list https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000497716-All-Known-Issues-Gems-of-War-

Windows has a similar feature with the built-in Xbox Game Bar. If you turn on record in the background, it gives you the option to save the last 30 seconds.

This is a good example of how the devs handle their bugs

No report needed, all it took was a video showing the bug and it was added to known issue list shortly after