Frozen enemies do get extra turns

This was observed in arena battle, lvl 60 difficulty (warlord 2)

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
I froze an enemy with the card "Snow Sprite"
He made a 4-match for his color
He skill got an extra turn.

Observed details:

  • enemy unit was a dragon if i recall it right, it was the super-rare (blue) pick of the deck.
  • it was the bottom-most unit
  • opponent had still all 4 units alive

What I am not sure about:

  • what color the combo was (I THINK it was blue, but not 100% sure)
  • how many units in the opponent’s deck used blue color

What are the steps to make it happen again?
Freeze an enemy in arena at warlord 2 and let him make a 4-match.

Enemy got an extra turn from a cascade which you didnt notice.


You mean another color for another unit in his deck? Possible, but unlikely, he picked his 4-match in row 2 from top - there was not much falling down after.

Which Blue dragon tho?

Because if it was Borealis, then it’s already immune to Frozen

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There are no traits in arena. Also no legendary troops. So it wasn’t borealis.

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I think he means the Ultra-Rare, which means either Drake Rider, Dragonion Monk, Dragonion Rogue, Dragonmoth or Wyvern.

EDIT: German names respectively incase it helps @Haerion Drake-Reiter, Drakonischer MĂ–nch, Dragonian Rogue, Drachenmotte, Lindwurm (Names gotten from ashtender)

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Freeze only applies to the mana color of the frozen unit. To give an example, if a red/brown unit is frozen, a blue 4-match will still trigger an extra turn.

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@Fourdottwoone yes, something like that.
Sorry I am still a new player, just reached Level 64, with a handful kingdoms completed (about 10) and many cards still are “first sight” for me.
Of course, it is always possible that some misinterpretion happens, and maybe it was the case here, that another unit used blue color too and THAT unit triggered the extra turn.
At least I will pay high attention to frozen enemies to verify what I wrote.

If a troop that uses blue mana is frozen, that its team cant generate extra turn from matching blue gems. No matter how many blue troops are in the team, if one with blue mana is frozen, then it negates extra turns from blue matches.

Since frozen is working correctly, what happend in your case is that you didnt notice an extra turn from cascade.

That’s not how it is supposed to work… if a card is frozen, then making a 4/5 combination of that color should not give an extra turn. It doesn’t matter that you have a card before or after the frozen card that also uses that mana color…

There was a huge thread on this a few weeks back…