[Not a Bug] Faction Assault Stopped Working

Platform, device version and operating system:
Android, Moto G4
Screenshot or image:
Didn’t take one :frowning:
What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I used a lot of gems for the Crypt Keepers Faction Assault event and played a few times. I had a lot of sigils left when I stopped playing. I thought that the event would continue for the rest of the week like all the other events I’ve participated in. I tried to play today and got the error message This Event Has Ended.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
This is the first time I have tried a Faction Assault, so once.

Steps to make it happen again
I could try another Faction Assault.

Tuesday Faction Assaults are always 24 hours, sorry :frowning:

To make this a little more helpful, it goes like this:

  • Monday is always a “free” day. The game resets, there’s new troops, week-long events begin. Events that start on a Monday and run all week are:
    • Invasion
    • Raid
    • Guild Wars
      • You can set your defenses but there is no actual GW event on Monday.
  • Tuesday is the Faction Assault day.
  • Wednesday is the pet rescue day.
  • Thursday is the Class Event and nobody cares.
    • If it is a NEW class, this event lasts through the weekend.
      • Then a few people care.
  • Friday is when many weekend events begin. The weekend events are:
    • Bounty
    • “Gnome Event” and other special troop battlecrashers
    • Faction Assault IF and ONLY IF a new faction is releasing
    • (The class event can run through this day.)
  • Saturday and Sunday have no unique events. Yet.

But to be clear: this isn’t a bug, it’s how the Tuesday event works and how it’s worked for at least a year.


There’s sometimes pets on saturdays if it’s “a free weekend”.

They should refund some of his gems if this is the case, this game has become hugely complicated over the last couple of years, I often think about new players and how long a road they have ahead of them.

@OneirosAlpha I’m sorry for the misunderstanding!

We display the time until the event ends on the games menu and in the event overview page.

Do you have any feedback on how you would like to improve the visibility of this information so we can be sure it doesn’t happen again?

Couldnt hurt to have it on the actual map itself during the faction event. Most of the other pages don’t see many views once you’re done with its purpose.

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Bigger, bolder text is always nice.

But I’m also of the opinion you could make a dialog that pops up before every fight showing the countdown timer and we’d still see posts like this.


Thanks for all the replies! I guess I just need to pay better attention. :frowning: