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[Not a bug]Extra Turn when frozen

Steam,Win7 SP1, DELL XPS L502X

I’ve just used the spell of the silver dragon so it frezzes the master of poison then computer turn : it makes a 4 yellow gems and gets an extra turn ?? though normally it couldn’t be so because frozen.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
1st time, few minutes ago

A frozen troop only prevents extra turns from its own gem colours. So in case of poison master, that would be blue and purple multimatches. Everything else still earns extra turns.

Edit: And with the poison master in first remaining position, skull multimatches would also fall under the frozen effect. Almost forgot.


Freeze only matter with the colors of the frozen troop, the spell/ability of the frozen troop, and if the frozen troops was 1st when matching 4 skulls.

So in this case it would not be frozen on Red. Blue, Brown, Purple, and Yellow 4+ matches. Not a bug. :slight_smile:


Okay, I’m sorry for the mistake

No problem. Freeze is one of those things that takes everyone a little time to understand.

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