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Freeze and extra turn loss

Hello everyone. I have a technical question that I need help understanding. It would be great if one of the Devs could comment on this as well.

Let’s say your third troop is frozen and your second troop uses one of the same mana colors. Why do you still lose the extra turn on a 4 or 5 gem match for the mana color that would affect both of them if the match doesn’t even fill up the second troop?

That is the way it has been as long as i have been playing. As to why i cant say

Not only is the troop frozen, stopping spells and skulls giving extra turns. It’s also the colour that your frozen on as well.

Couldn’t tell you why.

The part that baffles me is that if the mana isn’t even reaching the frozen troop why should you lose the turn. I just think it’s dumb.

That has always been the way… I for one think it makes it too powerful. Especially in GW where freezing ONE troop effectively freezes the whole team, assuming you are playing full color teams. I believe it should only stop the extra turn if the frozen troop benefits from the mana gain.

Possibly only take effect if the frozen troop benefits from the FIRST mana gained but that might be too much a swing in the other direction. :thinking:



Don’t think about Frozen as affecting troops. Think about it as affecting colors. (The first troop gets an additional “skull” color, always.) It isn’t about mana gain because it isn’t about the troops themselves. They just offer a convenient target within the game to attach this color-blocking effect to.


Relevant discussion as to why Frozen blocks the color, not the troop. Tl;dr is that it’s not clear which mana goes where in cascade/convert scenarios.

It is dumb, but intended.

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While I understand the logic behind this philosophy, it is a TROOP status effect and cleansing the troop rids it of the condition. If it freezes the color then have it effect the board, those colored gems become frozen and Anybody that matches 4+ is denied a turn.