Norbert's Turnip; request for inclusion in Soulforge

Hi, just a request for the Turnip. We’ve seen Rope Dart coming back after last appearing 8th May, whereas Norbert’s was the first week of Feb. I didn’t have the resources to craft it then so this is very much a self interested request :slight_smile:

It will come into the soulforge in the next zaejin week, two troops from there are in the Spoiler, without a date.

I would take those undated spoilers with a ginormous grain of salt, maybe one the size of Australia. Because there’s stuff in those undated spoilers that have been there for years.

I think there are a number of things in that undated pile that are trial balloons and nothing more. Where certain ideas get thrown out to see what sort of reaction they draw from the player-base. Or stuff for the developers to consider for the distant future.

That being said, “The Fool” is a plausible future card as the campaigns continue to roll out and the developers work their way through the entirety of the Tarot. But the best case scenario is still that Zaejin is in the next campaign – i.e., the one after the campaign that started yesterday – and as such Zaejin weapons in the Soulforge are several months away. Because we can be very certain that Zaejin isn’t part of this campaign.

And if the next campaign has “The Fool” as its’ Tarot reward? Then you’re probably looking at Zaejin being the final week of that campaign, which would put it ~20 weeks away from now.

It will be the first week of Campaign 8 (following the recent trend in Campaign 7, in which the tarot card is associated with the first kingdom and the mythic with the last), on 1/10.

Edit: Actually, that last part seems to be an anomaly rather than a trend. The campaign mythic for Campaign 8 is Fairy Gobmother, but Zaejin is still slated for week one.