Will tarot troops still appear in the Soulforge?

A while ago, the first couple of tarot troops were available in the soulforge at the usual price of yellow troops. I used the chance to get around the hazard of super loot chests and grab them that way.
Have not seen any since.

I know, nobody here has a way to know, what the developers of this game will do, and there will never be official statements (with the value of game announcements being questionable at least), but does maybe someone know someone who has heard rumours, if it will remain possible to craft these troops, or was that a too cheap, community-friendly solution?

(The more I type, the more I hate the game again this morning. Better stop here)

I won’t go back through the archives of developer announcements to confirm this, but I vaguely recall the devs saying something along the lines of “this will be a one-time thing” when they stuck the Tarot cards into the Soulforge for a brief period of time last year. Especially when the primary cost of forging a Tarot card was Gems and not Diamonds.

It’s possible that the developers might change their mind and do another “one-time thing” with Tarot cards as a way of throwing a sop to the very loud, very angry minority that we see on these boards because it’s relatively cheap and easy (in terms of their investment in coding something like that) for them to do. But it’s not something I would be counting upon. Nor is it really a great fix because a lot of people would subsuquently complain that it’s another Gem sink to try and squeeze money out of people and/or that they don’t have the Gem stash to afford it.

They still could use a better solution such as removing troops from the Vault pool once you ascend them to Mythic x 4. Even if they did a redux Tarot forging event.