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Tarot Cards in the Soulforge - Thanks!

For the logs: Sun, Emperor, Moon, Star and (non-pass-tarot) Devil are in the forge.


This is wonderful! Thank you very much, devs!

Finally many of my guildmates can get them! Thank you Devs!

So sad, Heart of Rage is no Tarot :innocent:


oh for a moment I thought it was…

These are almost reasonably affordable for late-gamers. Though I’m not going to spend that many gems to get “four-ofs” that I don’t need. I mean, the instant I get one of these its all I’ll see from vaults, right?

Notifying us in the mail is very helpful though, a lot to be said for how many people aren’t ever on the forums.


"Almost affordable. " Well better than not being in the forge. We must not be cynical but the gems are flashing in the shop. They want you to spend big. They want you to buy gems for real money and buy the cards. Remember weavergate.


With a lot of negative comments on Tarot cards and vault drop rate, this is an easy way out they came up with.
Anyway, the best decision made since a couple years. By far!


Yes, but none of them cost 10 gems. What will we do with 10 gems? We need at least 500 gems!


I am sure you have enough treasure maps to get them :crazy_face:


They will only be available this weekend, and will leave the Soulforge early next week.

I am extremely happy to see these in the Soulforge. I am even happier that the cost is gems. Unlike diamonds, gems can be bought if players are short in their supply, so everyone has at least a chance to fill out their collection. Thanks, I+2!


For those finding themselves with a shortage of gems: treasure hunt can provide up to 100 gems/hour if you just focus on speed rather than sustainability and try to get as many green chests on the board without combining them into red ones.

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Really a great surprise for the weekend! Thanks a lot :+1: In my opinion, this is the greatest thing to happen in the game since Paloozas :heart_eyes:

What I am wondering: Is there any official communication besides the mail ingame on this great weekend offer? I can´t find any… I´d like to know, if this is a sort of “compensation” for issues in the past weeks/months or a reaction on the feedback of tarot card drop rates. And of course, the most important question is, will this be a single occasion only this weekend for “only” the five tarots available up to now or can we expect other offers in the future, when more and more tarot cards will have been released?


It really becomes a shame this game! Offer 10 gems to spend 50x more for such a bad unit which moreover can be obtained in the vault keys! As long as we do, so as not to put the singer gnoms for 1000 gems ???
Ppfff … Another scam !!!

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Have you ever tried to obtain a tarot card by a vault key? :thinking:

I don´t understand the rant here, in another thread, someone wrote, it took 300 keys to obtain The Star. If you have the 300 vault keys available, fine. If not, you are screwed. So it is a nice possibility for those, who are still missing tarots, to get them this weekend rather easy :man_shrugging:


The only tarot card that is maybe useful as an actual card is the emperor aside from that the tarots card use is not to use as a troop but as a requirment to being able to craft mythic/boss troops which are useful for kingdom power levels and a couple of those are good for using as troops. Leonis tower (from the emperor) is one of the few zuul proof troops in the game and Skroll Reborn (from the sun) is a pretty decent troop to use.

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Took me 326 vault keys myself lol at least I got a lot of gems and glory along the way

I saw a FB post: link

There’s also a post on the website: Tarot Cards in the Soulforge – Gems of War

As for future plans, you probably won’t get an answer know. They probably won’t want to commit to anything, but hopefully it will happen again in the future :slight_smile:

Thank you for this, devs! :heart: I have all the tarot cards, but I know a lot of people will appreciate the opportunity to add to their collection. I find it really encouraging that such hard to get items were made available, even if just for a brief time, hope to see it come back in the future.


…which didn’t get autoposted here because I guess the autoposting is still broken?

This has been broken ever since Salty left and TBH it’s hard not to see this and the ongoing silence in bug report threads as part of an overall strategy: the forums are no longer viewed by IP2 as a mechanism for communicating with players.

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