Lovers event chests

i know that tarot troops were put in the Vault.
then i heard abut 2 months ago that they would be appearing in kingdom event chests, but i have seen no official confirmation of this.

can someone confirm either way?

Hi @danac

So far as I know, tarot cards only in Vault or craft in soul forge.

The tarot cards can be found ONLY in Vault, nowhere else. It doesnt show up in soulforge.

Here is the soulforge’s history:

There is no tarot cards on the list so it have never show up in soulforge.

They aren’t part of the regular soulforge rotation but some of them did show up in forge briefly last year. I crafted some at that time. Maybe there will be another limited forge period at some point in the future, now that a few more are released. But it will be up to devs to add them manually again or not

Also there was that one battlecrasher event giving copies of the Devil around Halloween.

But yes the only place they’re always available is the vault



I had searched before I answered.
[Tarot Cards in the Soulforge – Gems of War]

Vault is THE place for Tarot cards!

Blockquote As Campaigns and Tarot Cards are newer to Nintendo Switch, they won’t be available for crafting there yet. Stay tuned, and they may be available at a later date.

This text could imo mean that there maybe come again tarot cards in soul forge by maybe new KD event or a special tarot event :wink:

I haven’t heard of any plans to add tarot card to chests. If they ever show up spontaneously I’d expect to receive some pings that my weekly loot table needs to be adjusted. :smile:


Hi @Fourdottwoone,

I will keep it in mind and let you know directly if this would happen :upside_down_face:

after the event of those tarots in the soulforge

The Sun
The Emperor
The Moon
The Star
The Devil

Now we got
The Lovers
The Magician
The Fool
The Chariot

— Soon
The World
The Tower

I supect to see another offer week in Soulforge with the new ones after The World comes in the vault loot table.

they would have announced it. i’m not on the forums a lot, so when somebody said in chat they were in, i was suspicious but hopeful. then somebody else said it a while later.
so i did a search here and found nothing.

i know a lot of folks WANT them there, so i thought it was likely the posts i’d seen were wishful thinking, but i needed to be sure because i cannot get the Lovers from the Vault.

this is a real bad thing GOW is doing. they keep adding troops to the vault only pool but are not increasing drop rates.

so you’re about 30-50% likely to get Cedric whenever you get a troop. the rest are split between gnomes and Tarot troops, and gnomes have a higher drop rate even tho they are used less.
it’s very offputting

Hi @danac ,

Agree with you, a guild mate of me has all troops except Enraged Kurandara coz It needs Heart of rage out of the VAULT and I have them real much, but he can play what he wants but he dont get this troop and makes that the pleasure / fun you must have in playing a game (imo) became lesser!