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Nobend Brothers Bug

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
Exploding Gems doesn’t seem to trigger with anything else. Currently possible combinations of the spell are:
Lose 4 Attack
Deal 5 Damage to all enemies --Also not actually possible in the end.
Lose 4 Attack/Extra Turn ------Need to double check this one actually. --Yeah this was wrong. My bad.
Deal 5 Damage to all enemies/Extra Turn
Explode 6 Gems

What are the steps to make it happen again?
Use Nobend Brothers Spell

Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!
Hard to capture in a Screenshot, sorry :frowning:

I do struggle with the punctuation on that card. I figured I’d let others determine what all it does, and then go from there.

I thought it would do one of the following:
Lose 4 Attack, extra turn.
Deal 5 damage, extra turn.
Explode 6 random gems.

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We’ve pushed a text fix out.

What Nobend Borther are doing is:

Reduce Attack


AOE damage with extra turn


Explode gems

The spell chooses one of the 3 effects to activate.


Yup, @Nimhain explained it in chat. The actual combinations are:

Lost 4 Attack
Deal 5 Damage / Extra Turn
Explode 6 Gems

EDIT: And Nimhain beat me to it :stuck_out_tongue:

I never found the text confusing in any way, the caps letter OR made it obvious enough what were the three possible spell effects.

“All enemies lose 4 Attack.
OR Deal 5 damage to all
enemies. Gain an Extra
Turn. OR Explode 6 random Gems.”

The issue for me was the full stop after “enemies” it makes it look like it was two effects that had 2 possible alternatives. Lose 4 Attacks OR Deal 5 Damage
(and then)
Gain an Extra Turn OR Explode 6 random Gems

That was how I read it at least.

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I had this same issue. The period made me think it was 2 of 4. I’d suggest semi-colons between the OR’s to help break things up and make it clearer.

We realized that ourselves this afternoon, and we had a text fix waiting to go out with 2.0, but we just pushed it out early to avoid any more confusion (the text fix that is, NOT 2.0). I agree… you could have read it a few different ways.


Or change the middle one to: "Deal 5 damage to all enemies and gain an Extra Turn. "

Though they’ve pushed out a fix now, so it should be fixed soon.

EDIT: &*@)#&$ Ninja’d by a Dev for the second time in one thread ><


My hopes raised and then you crushed them swiftly. Please stop doing that, it hurts every time.

Perhaps too early… :wink:


If you REALLY want to read between the lines of his post, he implies that there isn’t another patch/weekly event before 2.0 :stuck_out_tongue: But… yeah… keep expectations low is probably best. I don’t think that’s actually what he meant.

EDIT: Also I’m not sure it’s fair to Sirrian to critique his posts so thoroughly :frowning:


FYI, @Sirrian, looks like in your haste you left out the space between “enemies” and “and”. It currently reads “to all enemiesand gain”.

Ahem That’s what I get for editing the text directly on the server, using notepad…


(I’ve now ninja-patched a fix to our fix)


When the fix needs a fix then the fix is in.

Are the odds 33% of each effect, or does one of the brither’s effects have a greater chance of happening?

Updated the Gems of War DB to reflect the changed text.