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Fully upgraded Flammifer explodes 4/5 gem matches and does not grant extra turn

Platform, device version and operating system

Screenshot or image
Nope, sorry

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
Flammifer creates 4 or 5 gem matches when creating red gems, then the final upgrade explodes a gem. I expected to gain an extra turn from the 4 or 5 gem match created, but the explosion takes out part of the 4 or 5 gem match and no extra turn is given.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Pretty much every time I cast Flammifer

Steps to make it happen again
Use a fully upgraded Flammifer in a match, fill up on mana, and cast it.

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Yep, same with every other thing that has multiple spell steps - board is locked until all steps are done, then matches are possible. Not a bug, just nonsensical design to give single random explosions to mass spawn spells as “upgrades”.

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You’re right that it seems nonsensical. In the 3.5 patch the devs fixed a bug that denied extra turns when doom skulls exploded.

“Fixed issue where Doomskull explosions would sometimes deny a 4/5 match by exploding those gems”

Seems like the issue with Flammifer and similiar weapons should be the same.

But don’t despair, that single exploded gem now has a good chance of giving you 1-2 mana, since the latest explode change. So well worth effing up your extraturns with it!

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Please provide information on

  • Troops in your Team
  • Gamemode this occurred in
  • Troops in the enemy team
  • Any status effects that were active at the time
  • Your hero class and talents.

I wish this was a bug and not a design choice. I made the grave mistake of fully upgrading this weapon, which is a perfect fit in my dragon team, and now it is borderline useless. I’m quite sad about it because it had finally changed a staple team of mine that I’ve used forever.

I wish I could revert it! Keep my legendary ingots. Give me back my non extra turn denying weapon!

(As an aside, it’s really sad when people want to revert what is SUPPOSED to be an upgrade…)

The dragon soul
Divinia or Sylv/Salad Dragon
Flammifer weapon, hero

Every game mode

Any enemy team

No status effects.

It doesn’t matter which class.
I originally used the Dragonguard class (can’t remember the talents) and it did this.

Now I’m using priest, leveling it up from 0 - no talents - and it still does this

(Edit: I accidentally edited this and somehow made it quote my message like three times. Pardon me. I tried to fix it quickly but it was difficult on mobile)

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It happens in every team, every game mode, against any enemies, with no negative effects on any of my team members, regardless of which class I use.

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I think this (any threads regarding weapon upgrade explosions) needs to be kept on the top of the board.

Change the sequence of events in a way that 4-matches created by a weapons’ spell get registered before upgrade-explosions destroy them.
The way it is now is a literal downgrade not an upgrade much more so after the explosion nerf.

That you take so much time with fixing such a blatant flaw in the weapon upgrade system is quite puzzeling.
At least allow deactivating such upgrade tiers or having the possibility of straight up undoing weapon upgrades after having realized that it’s aweful.


These small board modification are hardly an upgrade at all.

You are controling the board, making sure to check the viable options and possible natural cascades from a match and also the cascades from new gems…

You have your Dawnbringer fully upgraded and ready to save your hero with a barrier, you cast and destroy one random yellow and one random red gem…

The enemy makes a 4/5 match that didn’t existed and now all your strategy goes to hell…

It’s insulting! It’s an one mana upgrade that can backfire, just change it into “gain one mana back” and done. I can upgrade my Dawnbringer, but i don’t want to because of these stupid upgrades… :expressionless: