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Flammifer fails to generate extra turn (Resolved)

Platform, device version and operating system:
Xbox one

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I was expecting the 4 match created by Flammifer to generate an extra turn but it did not.
What I think is happening is that the final Flammifer weapon trait “volcanic” (explode a random red gem) is occurring after Flammifer creates gems but before the gems created are counted for an extra turn.
This happens often enough that I would have never upgraded the weapon to the final trait if I had known. But since weapons can’t be downgraded I am stuck. The philosophy behind weapon upgrades is most likely all upside, no downside. But this one is a downside. That is why it should be considered a bug.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
This happens occasionally.

Steps to make it happen again
Cast a +9 Flammifer and watch closely.


FYI: “Create 1 gem” effects on weapons that do not already create gems are similarly booby-trapped.



Consider the above scenarios. A weapon that creates a single red gem is twice as likely to place it in a space that gives the AI a 4- or 5-match (skull locations) as it is in a place that gives the player a 4- or 5-match (green locations). Unless the board is already saturated with red gems, the best case scenario is equal likelihood of misfiring/connecting:



Yup. It’s also why it’s dangerous to make a match of three yellows when you’re faced with a situation like this (assuming the first row is the top of the board). You’re twice as likely to give your opponent a 5-match than get one yourself from the cascade.



I’d reallly ike to hear from the Devs if they are currently even intending to change the problematic weapon upgrades, or the order of events at least so that gem spawn weapons don’t get massively crippled by explode upgrades(other weapons are arguably much less negatively affected by these upgrades).

So @Saltypatra it would be nice to let us know whether the Devs currently explore options for that or if they don’t see that as something they actually need/want to fix.
I just want to know whether i can be hyped about a change to it in the near future, making all weapon upgrades unconditionally positive.


Just confirming that the execution order is:
Spell steps > Affixes > Board resolved (ie. board is checked for Gem matches)
With Traits triggering as described in the Trait text.

I’ve passed feedback onto the team that players would prefer it if the board is resolved before Affixes and Traits are executed however, I have no update or further information about that at this time sorry.


Could you please also pass on the feedback regarding detrimental weapon upgrades? It’s been brought up more often than Dragon Soul used to resurrect prior to the trait change, and the amount of silence we received in return is truly deafening.


Please post a separate thread or send me a link to an existing one. Some more details on the feedback, what the issue is (what motivated you to suggest this) and posting a new topic so others can discuss helps us understand the problem.