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Doomskull denying extra turn

Platform, device version and operating system
PC, Windows 7

Screenshot or image

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
I used my turn to switch the doomskull in the far left column with the yellow gem on it’s right. It would make a 4 match yellow and a skull match. This should have resulted in skull damage+5 to the enemies Gorgotha, the mana going to my Divine Ishbaala, and giving me an extra turn. I did not end up getting the extra turn however. The coding is set up, I think, to register the doomskull match first, blowing up the adjacent gems, thus preventing the game from registering the 4 match properly.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
This has happened to me twice, once to a guildie of mine, and once that I know of to a person who talked about it in global chat.

Steps to make it happen again
The bug does not seem to happen when the doomskull is part of the 4 or 5 match, only when it is part of the switch that puts it adjacent to a 4 or 5 match, which it then interferes with.


This has also happened to me. Thank you for making a thread with a screenshot.


I have seen this too, several times. It is particularly annoying to players who are using gem transformation builds in PvP. A lost extra turn can mean the difference between a win and a loss against meta teams.

Huh, seems like an order of operations glitch. The Doomskull is exploding before the yellow match is processed? This would also potentially mean Doomskulls are eating a lot of mana.

The game should probably perform/calculate all matches that are NOT Doomskulls first, THEN explode all Doomskulls.

Not sure if same, as I didn’t pay much attention, but I think I have missed an extra turn when matching a 5 of a kind laid out like this:


Not sure if skulls were even involved though.

My suspicion is that you actually matched the three reds in the middle two rows. It has happened to me many times that I missed a 4- or 5-Gem match because the game moved a different gem than I wanted, and that different gem just happened to make a 3-match on its own.

I’ve also noticed this behaviour when simultaneously creating 3-skull match with a doomskull and 4-match with ordinary gems. I haven’t encountered this issue with all ordinary gem matches.

i play mercy alchemist hellcat titania and wonder what is wrong, thanks for the thread. i see it this week surely 10x.

with converter you have this situation nearly every fight

I was wondering why it kept dropping my turn, when I’d make a solid 4, but that’s totally what’s happening. >:(


Well, this may be. I’m still checking this out.

If this isn’t working as designed, then it shows how little they either pay attention or play test the game.

Ive noticed a few times i didnt get an extra turn after a four match. now that you mention it thats whats happanin

I have noticed 5 matches on the first move not giving an extra turn. No doom skulls on board at the time. It seems to happen with green matches.

Bump. I have seen this situation with doom skulls many times and am curious what the devs have to say. Is it by design that doom skull explosions are being resolved before other matches? Is there a race condition where only sometimes the explosions go first?(this would be a bug) or should it be by design that all matches resolve before explotions?(if so then is there a mechanism to prevent duplicate mana from the same gems?)

Edit: has anyone checked if it matters what gem is clicked first? Moving the skull vs moving the extra turn color.

I thought it was just me - since it was happening with Skulls

So I stopped doing the combo matches where a skull is involved.

There may also be another issue with this in order of execution with Goblins.

On the other hand, last few days it seems that something has been done about this situation quietly. I’ve been paying special attention and noticing that now you get extra turn when doomskull-involving match explodes the ordinary 4-match nearby.
I will observe for some time more, though.

EDIT: Upon one day of further observation, I see that (at least for me) the problem has been solved. I deliberately made 3-(doom)skull matches simultaneously with 4-ordinary gem matches and got the extra turn despite the explosion. It was not the case last week, thus, something has been done about it.

It’s not fixed. I just lost a match because a missed 4-match set up the AI for a Doomskull cascade.

In that case, it still must be very random. It’s a shame it hasn’t been actually fixed yet.

Got a video of it happening.


Not sure how to embed the video though.

You just confirmed my theory

What’s happening is that your extra turn didn’t trigger because of the 3 blue gems match that happened on the right of your screen after the cascade created by the doomskull explosion. The Doomskull match itself had nothing to do with it.