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No weekend event?

Not sure if this was intended or just another mistake that no one brought up
My understanding was after the last update each weekly event was matched up with a specific weekend event
Yet I only saw one person mention it on forums with no response
I’m pretty sure we’re all thinking it Lol

Its probably for the best, gives time to save gems.


I am looking forward to the break, actually


It’s one of calm weekends, which happen not often. Next weekends will be busy though: Nov 23-25 - a new faction, Nov 30-Dec 2 - bounty hunt, Dec 7-9 - a new hero class, Dec 14-16 - The Vault event.

Maybe they are spending the extra time fixing some of the long standing bugs to make GW better next week …or not…:rofl:

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But we have saved lots of gems from ToD. Oh wait…


This is a break weekend. :slight_smile:


oh no, we have to go outside and play :frowning:

Those monsters.


Yay to celebrating GoW anniversary weekend with… :gift: ?

Oh ok then just, nothing :disappointed:

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I actually thought it was supposed to be a Faction weekend. Guess my math was off.

It’s nice to have a break, though, nonetheless.

Nah. It means it’s time to fire up Pokemon Let’s Go :grinning:

How boring, he must do something like the week of Moa

Mmmmm exciting things are happening next week!

You’ll stream a summary of the birthday events we had this week? :open_mouth:

An announcement that the 50 gems fee charge to change hero classes is being removed? :open_mouth:


We can craft ascension orbs with the other orbs?

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When are the bugged troops going to be fixed. Dragon eye was downgraded in a jiffy yet zuul continues not to read the script? Possibly the most effective crypt keeper troop in an appalling faction doesn’t inflict his double true damage and so on. If a souped up zuul starts slaughtering multiple opponents in wars, people are not going to be happy. You and your colleagues have been aware of such issues for a significant period but have prioritised instead a futile attempt to clean up chat profanity. It’s staggering that doom was introduced when you are fully aware how badly the chat framework performs.but that’s another thread.

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The spectral knight has a fix coming in the next update! We have already fixed it, but it can’t be done on our side without 4.2. :slight_smile:

We did the profanity filter in the interim as it’s a quick fix we can do server side, but we have a bigger re work of chat planned for a social update next year.

I gotta laugh about the zuul hate
I know there’s maybe 5 of us that have him on ps4, and the multicast happens 1/100 times
I only use his first cast 1/4 battles on average
My opinion, if he’s triggering twice on u, ur team is either way too slow, or ur too low level to be playing 3 trophy pvp anyway


Is Grave Seer under revision too?

The sinergy of this faction is completelly faulty thanks to this too.