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Grave Seer changes

So… am i the only one bothered about Grave Seer’s Deep Vitality? I mean, i find it weird because he becomes the strongest ally thanks to it and he will enchant himself instead of Lady Morana who would need it more with her higher mana cost…

I’m pretty sure this is really an oversight from design, because Grave Seer enchanting himself is not that helpfull since he converts Green to Purple and wouldn’t need to be refilled so soon because the board doesn’t have many green gems, usually, for the second cast.

IF the devs would be open to reconsider Grave Seer’s spell, here is a change to improve the sinergy on this team:

  • Changing Grave Seer spell to “Enchant all Red allies” would work better.

Lady Morana will lose Armor in battle being a frontline troop (she is designed for combat with Traits to increase her attack and reduce Damage) which makes her weaker overtime and eventually Grave Seer would only enchant himself again if the spell is not changed.

With the change he would also enchant the Spectral Knight, and himself, but while enchanting himself doesn’t works so well, as i pointed earlier, but if anything just changing his colors to Brown/Yellow would work since there is no Empowered Converter on these colors.

This feeels like a “balanced compensation”, because Lady Morana needs Purple Gems on the Board for a better chance to “Slay/Kill/Execute/Rip and Tear” an enemy and her allies will often reduce this chance as they collect mana, so we can sort of not collect mana for them if they are already enchanted.

Spectral Knight barely needs Enchanting if he is above Nightshade, but if he is below Nightshade this gives more importance to a build centered around the team order and cripling the enemies with Nightshade’s spell first and then later going for the higher damage with Spectral Knight as this is clearly the design intended.

With this change we wouldn’t need a change in Grave Seer traits and it makes him better for general use in other teams as an Empowered converter. Just by comparing Grave Seer with Mercy, another Empowered Converter, she beats him by cleansing everyone and healing a character, while Graveseer would only affect Red Allies with an effect that can’t turn the battle around, instantly , leaving plety room for the enemy to Dispel, Silence, Mana Burn/Drain this team.


Just lower Grave Seer’s HP and maybe I can beat Crypt 500 with faction.

I think we all would benefit more from not nerfing him. Also, as i already explained, as soon as Lady Morana start to lose Armor and HP she will no longer be the strongest ally, and this is a serious disadvantage for the sinergy in this faction.

I see sarcasm is not your strong point.

One of my guild member’s counter this by putting him in 1st spot so he can get a skull hit before activating the skill.

This is not an ideal way to treat a mana converter but it’s a work around at least.

I understand the reason behind the suggestion, but still it’s a poor management of the troops, making Lady Morana less relevant AND blocking her from collecting mana from Red matches once you use Green Seer’s spell.

Touché. But in threads suggesting/requesting game improvements, where i really spend my time to think about the mechanics, effects and their impacts in the game balance, and do it all with extreme care AND for free i’m usually too serious, so i tend to miss such subtle remarks…


I honestly don’t know why he’s considered the strongest though. Consider this. My Lady Morana (Mythic) has 50 Attack, 101 Armor, 80 Health, and 33 Magic. My Grave Seer (Legendary) has 44 Attack, 87 Armor, 95 Health, and 21 Magic. So Grave Seer has 6 less Attack, 14 less Armor, 15 more Health, and 12 less Magic. And this is without any damage done against Morana – enemy AI hasn’t even taken a turn, and when I cast Dark Vision, Grave Seer enchants himself!

in this game strongest means highest (hp+armor)

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It was part of my suggested cryptk. Factionteam strategy…but how was i to expect that maxing this troop made it the " strongest " and by that - useless for the team…
its just ridiculous how i still dont seem to have a chance against delve level 500 - with hoardelevel already at 171
An enchanted morana seems to be what could make it a lot less pain in the ass
But maybe im just desperate…)))

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@Cyrup, it’s been over a month, nearly two, and we still haven’t seen any change to this, not even word about it…