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Spectral Knight

I tried bringing up this issue almost 3 weeks ago. Haven’t heard any clarification about it and it’s been bothering me ever since. It’s also led to lots of losses in high level Delves.
Spectral Knight does double true damage on troops that have positive status effects. Is this intended or is it a bug @Cyrup?


I think its intended, though I could be wrong.

In a mirror match with the faction team, it does provide a way to damage them even if they’ve been given status immunities from earlier rooms - just aim Spectral at whatever the opposing Grave Seer Enchants. I thought it was a neat trick.

I think you might be crediting the designers with a bit too much there :thinking:

Methinks it’ll be the normal drill:

  • unintended consequence of code that wrongly identifies positive buffs as status effects in this sense
  • devs realise that correcting it will take a massive effort and resource and will probably break three other things
  • so they publicly announce that this effect is what was intended all along


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We do have existing cases of the text being worded specifically to state “positive” or “negative” status effect.

Actually hmm its really just Divinia. Magnus says “inflict” so doesn’t leave much to the imagination as to which type.

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And Domovoi causes a “random status effect”, but the tooltip explicitly says that this means a debuff like Silence, Entangle, etc.


Ahh but we love it so much.
I laugh now from the following things that I reported as bugged but never got clarification on. Until the next patch hits and things “work as intended” that didn’t before the patch.
Such hits include.

  • Fairie fire used to not buff steal life
  • Burn damage didn’t remove barrier
  • Steal life would still gain life despite barriers. Just wouldn’t remove life.
  • And for the first week that talent trees existed. They couldn’t be stunned away. Or maybe they could. The change happened so fast… Or didn’t happen. That no players were sure.

I don’t care if they do a ninja change. Just want my hero to stop dying because I forget to change his talent tree before the matches. That’s all. Lol

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Hopefully it is intentional, it certainly seems that way and I’m glad it is. Brings more fun counters with it :slight_smile:

Are you playing at level 400 plus on the Crypt Keepers delve?

Do you have hoarde level 1000?

No sir.
I’m trying to upstage @TheIdleOne and beating Delve level 500 with a 100 faction level. Issue is I got my butt stomped yesterday due to Mr. Knight. So right now I’m on level 440 still.


Some factions it can be done, others it can’t without increasing hoard level further.
Challenges are all well and good and add a bit more fun to the game, but to complain because of the limits you’ve set yourselves is a bit silly I think.
I hope you manage it because it is pretty cool to see people do such things. Not to mention the bragging rights.

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If Spectral Knight is working as intended then cool. But it probably isn’t due to the wording on the cast. I shouldn’t have to strategize around bugs. The game is challenging enough without them.
I asked you what delve you were on because at a certain level he starts one shotting troops that have a positive status effect. So if or when you get that level and are still enjoying it then kudos.
But I for one, only want to overcome challenges that were designed by Sirrian on purpose… Not the coders by accident. :grinning:

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I’m not at that level yet, but I plan on chasing it too with around 100 hoard level, because 1K is just damned expensive…
I know he one shot once in that range. I still think it’s by design. It’s a nice, if sometimes infuriating, challenge to beat without needing positive status effects. Although, shield would block it, or am I wrong? Barrier I meant! Y’know what I mean… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Getting there. Hopefully by this weekend. :wink:
As it turns out my other 2 factions are at 100, this one is 101. 🤷
(I messed up by not focusing on a faction team. That will be fixed on Tuesday).


Barrier blocks the damage from Spectral Knight since I ran into the unfortunate Dark Monolith room during a faction team run. Dwarven Gate put up a barrier and I used Spectral Knight on the Anubite Warrior but it did no damage.

I think it’s intended though since Nightshade has half of it’s effects be useless. Not to mention, you tend to run into problems with Morana instantly killing your team (16% average) but your Morana never instant kills (34% average) and it’s so frustrating.

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Remarks complete. :wink:

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If this is the same as this, fixed in update 4.2

No, Spectral Knight was doing double true damage against positive status effects and negative status effects. Due to the wording on the text. I feel he should only do double true damage to negative status effects. I haven’t used him lately so I don’t know if he still does double true damage against positive status effects. I’m aware of the current bug that prevents him from doing double true damage against negative status effects. But the bug is as recent as 4.1. This support request was posted 28 days ago during 4.0.

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If you’re requesting a change, then that’s different, sorry if I missed that.

Otherwise, the bug is that Spectral Knight does not currently (updates aside) do double damage with any status effect on the enemy at all. Intended behaviour is that Spectral Knight should do damage with any status effect on the enemy.

Can the text of the troop state that then please? There is already precedent. Just saying “status effect” is supposed to imply a negative one. While stating “positive status effect” means a positive one. So just saying “status effect” shouldn’t imply both.