(Fixed 4.2) Spectral Knight ability

Spectral Knight is supposed to do double damage to targets suffering from status effects but this doesn’t seem to be the case for me. I used Nightshade to Freeze a Wight and it didn’t take double damage. Haven’t really tested this with other status effects or against other targets yet.

Playing on PC


Since you are playing on PC, can you record video—or just a sequence of screenshots—showing Spectral Knight casting but not doing double damage? That’ll help diagnose the issue.

Same thing on Xbox One - double damage does not currently work on at least the following status effects: Enraged, Enchanted and Frozen. This seems to have been going on ever since 4.1/

Hey, thanks for letting us know about this. I’ve made a bug report.


Was going to make a bug report but see it’s already reported. Noticed this as well while doing sea of sorrow delves on android today.

happen too me

My spectral knight hit the other ‘stunned’ Spectral Knight.

No double true damage -.-

thanks in advance, bye.

I can confirm as well. Running him alongside Magnus, and neither the poison nor the disease triggers the double damage.

That’s actually a good thing if the enemy Spectral Knight isn’t hitting double damage…

Or they could be using the bugged troop.

Are you suggesting bugs that don’t work in your favor shouldn’t be reported? What are you contributing to this?

Fixed in update 4.2

Card is still broken and not working as it should.

Can confirm that the ability is still not working. I’m playing with the Crypt Keepers set for renown during event and Spectral Force has repeatedly never done double damage, whether the enemy has Disease, Freeze, Stun, or even positive effects like Enchant, Enrage, it always hits for more damage. Playing on PC Steam version.

The fix won’t be available until the 4.2 update is released sometime before the end of the year.


TheIdleOne is correct. I’m sorry, but this fix requires an update to the game client, which will release before Christmas. This is the 4.2 version that has the fix. We are currently in 4.1. You can check by opening Settings and noting the “” number near the “X” exit button.

You will also see the known issues list update (and the problem won’t be listed, or it will mention to update the game) and you’ll see social media posts and patch notes if a new game version releases. :slight_smile: