News about The Vault Event

For those asking about the Vault Event weekend:

So… Because there are some of us who want to know what is going on with this event, the event that is more important than, let me think, oh yes, an Arena Event! We want to know what is going on. So yea, share your doubts, your frustrations. There’s a corner over by the corner if you need to take a dump. The point is, more information about the Vault Event was added. Tell your guild mates, schedule your calendar, and do whatever makes you enjoy the Vault Event on Gems of War.



Vault event AND Bounty togheter!?
What are you thinking!?

That is an insane combo!
Arena and Vault togheter is much better.

Think a lot of people will skip Bounty this weekend cause it takes waaayyyyyy too much time and that time is better spend on vault


Kingdom pass starts feb 20th so battle crashers.
So no vault event for over a month.

The only way we was getting 2 was if they was in a row.

11th and 17th.

Kafka you are lying, im calling you out that your lying.
And we wont get another vault event after the 10th feb till after kingdom pass has finished.

So im calling you a liar. Prove your not.

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This is so stupid. Many people had already cleared the weekend of the 17th for the vault event. On top of that a bounty event, that’s inhuman.


So much for the EXTRA VAULT weekend we were promised. ,:rage::rage::rage::rage::rage:


I will 100% skip bounty for vault.


This weekend I will have to skip both.

And tbh the last few weeks since the Christmas ban have been rough. My guild (#2nd) lost many players recently because of what happened on the game lately and I’m not having much fun anymore as well.

GoW used to be fun, now I’m only playing to reach daily requirements. It feels like a chore now, only work but the rewards have been taken away more than once …


Is not ok i want the vault event next week not this week :rage::rage::rage::rage:

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I grab vacation in my work on 17.Feb. weekend for Vault event,this weekend are in work,on my vacation i go play Arena for couple of writs,and i miss hundrets of Vault keys and many epic vault keys,thanks so much Dev’s,im totally mad​:rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Why having two Vault weekends in a row be a problem, especially if we aren’t getting a week of Vault? :thinking: Those who can’t do it this weekend could’ve done it next weekend, right? :man_shrugging:

Bounty and Vault this weekend is a bit too much, but hey, those who don’t like Bounty can do Vault, and those who don’t like Vault can do Bounty (but why would anyone not like Vault :man_shrugging::sweat_smile:)

Superbowl weekend? Just do Vault early, enjoy the game later, and if not possible, skip the Vault Event, especially if ya got money on the line. I’m a Giants fan, so it won’t bother me much, anyway. :joy::smiley:

Only if they had stuck to their regular Vault schedule, oh boy, why didn’t they again? (Yes, I’m trolling with that one :rofl::smiling_imp:)


Let me be the voice of reason and thank @Kafka for your communication.

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It’s her job.


What a load of trash. My ring of wonder expired just after the Krinklemas bans, After years of never playing without, I have not renewed. I’ve skipped a lot of purchases, including legends reborn cash tiers, and holiday calendar items, that i would’ve normally made since then as well. I’m fed up with being lied to like a paintchip eating, idiot toddler who will believe anything, and I’m not giving any more money to this company until they unhead their rears. They’ve lost at least a few hundred bucks at this point…So close to VIP 19, and i might never see it at this rate.

There were no problems with the kingdom pass Dec 2nd. KPs are just being used as an excuse. More than a hint of NLP in this conversation that’s been ongoing now since December. Say a lie enough times and people will believe it…not here. The truth is in the actions, and the words are contradicted by the truth.


I have had to change my discord message to folks that play this game several times because the Devs keep changing the schedule. Plan accordingly then oh wait. Nope change of plans. If you asked off from work to play a mode you like it has again been replaced with Arena. Might want to go back to work and change those plans lol. Hope the person you traded schedule with has a sense of humor when you ask to change back.


For those wanting to know.


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