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Of course I will survive. You just don’t get the point obviously and I’m too busy to explain it to you right now …


Was there an official announcement that that weekend would be a Vault event? If so, you have my sympathies.

That’s quite difficult to say. The date was extracted from the early game data, but later removed, also the official in-game offers that weekend solely have been for a vault event. And it was the regular schedule.

Here comes the tricky part. The January vault event was never officially announced, but totally skipped and avoided instead …


Believe me, there are much better reasons to take a vacantion from work, and none of them is to play a stupid game. At the end its just a game that fill you free time, not a second job you’re paid for. You want miss new content just more resources in a game, its not the end of the world, so please take it in proportion for your own healthy :slight_smile:


Is this for all platforms? The switch or everything else. Please clarify what platform @Kafka . Thank you

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Hey all,

We will be having the Vault Event this weekend on all platforms, including Switch.

We will be moving the Vault event that was originally scheduled for Feb 17th so we don’t have 2 Vault event weekends in a row.

The weekend of Feb 17th will become an Arena weekend instead.

That 2nd Vault event will be moved to late Feb/early March (we will post the exact date as soon as it’s 100% confirmed).

The events will be announced per usual in the blog and in game, so everyone has access to the information.

From there the Vault events will be spread out as per their usual schedule which is every 6 weeks UNLESS:

  1. A new Kingdom releases - as we have Class Trials, Raid Boss and Bounty events for new Kingdom releases

  2. When a Kingdom Pass is running - due to previous issues when Kingdom Pass and Vault events are run at the same time. This issue was fixed but honestly, we’re trying to just avoid that combination of events so we can all not worry about it.

In these cases, it may be longer between Vault Events.


Going through all this trouble just to try and make the event look extra. You could just have had the scheduled event next week with no changes instead of moving it to a spot where we were going to have the next vault event anyways…


It is extra, we’re going to have 3 Vault events over a period of time where we’d normally only have 2.

I understand the frustration, we’re just out here trying to get you what you asked for regarding the Vault event, and this is the best way we were able to make it happen with all things being taken into account.

It’s not perfect, but it’s the solution we’ve got :frowning:


Sorry, but there will be a kingdom pass running early march, please leave as it is.


The Kingdom pass needs to be shorter as it is messing with the players favorite event, I find it tiring and that’s why I quit playing it.


Yeah, this can’t be said enough. Cut the kingdom pass AT LEAST in half. No one enjoys an extra half hour per day of grinding, let alone 7 weeks of it. I’m dreading the start of the next one.


do we have to worry about this with the new kingdom around the corner?..


Please just run the events concurrently, if that’s true.

Even if it isn’t fixed, every player would vote to tolerate a 9x battlecrasher weekend in exchange for a vault event.


Is it possible to NOT delay or move events so shortly in the future? Because of the vault event that was meant to be in January, I was able to rearrange my working schedule and lose lots of money, just to realise the event was cancelled and I got in trouble at work.

When I tried to get the weekend off for the originally scheduled vault event mid February, I was told that it’s not possible to get someone else to work my shift. If I had been able to switch and it would have been changed again, I would have quit this game after 6.5 years.

“Lucky” for me I have to work both weekends anyway, so I’ll be missing the vault event almost completely as usual, but still be able to buy another campaign/kingdom pass to keep up and regain, what I missed during the infamous Christmas ban …


Great. Because we all love arena so much. :roll_eyes:

Kingdom Pass is definitely way too long and too tedious. It’s not fun. It should be, especially the release of a new kingdom.

But more of something doesn’t equal more fun.


According to the roadmap, kingdom passes are, like, a permanent thing.

As I see it, it is just an excuse to delay vaults.


The failure of your team to do something as simple as to add an actual extra vault event is nothing short of expected.


as I posted in some other thread, I wasn’t convinced about 17.-19. february vault event and well, it obviously gets delayed. :wink:

  1. just a bad try of “backdoor reasoning” to stretch out and delay time between vault events further and further.
  2. so, you claim you’ve fixed something but you’re not willing to test it?

:jeans: on :fire: ?

if time between vault events really is a usual schedule of every 6 weeks and you at some point need f.e. 8 weeks, then just be reasonable and run the next vault event 4 weeks later…
…but given this companies track record we’ll get delay after delay after delay.
“we’re incredibly sorry”.

:surfing_man: :clown_face:


Starting to feel less extra event and just more “extra”

According to current schedule and campaign the new kingdom is supposed to start 2/20. I get not doing back to back vaults… but… here is a simple glance at a calendar and applying what you are saying

2/10 vault event (and per ingame count down a bounty, please move this and do it on the 17th instead of arena, there would be far less complaints I promise)

2/17 was supposed to be a vault but now moved and will be arena

Monday 2/20 appears to be when the next new kingdom will appear (I don’t recognize week 4 background in campaign so seems like this may be its debut). So then the next vault would not be able to happen for 5 more weeks which is March 31-April 2. But on a 6 week schedule you are then backed into back to back vault events. And we are right back to square one.

It’s your game, we just play it, I understand, but any semblance of extra is dwindling when you compare to the schedule in place and per how devs want to avoid kingdom passes and vault events coinciding. And this will be an on going issue juggling players favorite event for a cash grab kingdom passes. I’m down for supporting the game, don’t get me wrong, but we don’t want to lose our favorite event to do so


So there’s always the plausible deniability with the spoilers, etc.

That said, there’s no chance that an “extra” vault weekend and a new kingdom release both happening.

The launch of a new kingdom (and the associated revenue it’ll surely bring in) would have to be moved several weeks since a vault weekend and 5-week kingdom pass could never overlap. The theoretical earliest time for another vault event would then be early April.

Again, spoilers are “unofficial” so do with that what you will. If we were talking in terms of rotation, the next vault event would be the theoretical replacement for the missing event in January. There would then be a 2nd one “due” for the Krinkle mess. There would then be the 3rd that would have been February’s rotation.

So far we have one. Which conveniently slots in to jump ahead of a future kingdom pass.

Ultimately, I expect the rescheduled January vault event to be the “extra”, the next one moved to the other side of the next kingdom pass, and more kingdom passes to come which will further stretch out the time between vault events.

And @Tyrion_Shark completely beat me to the punch as I was writing this.