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No Sunbird in my game?


I noticed that sunbird does not exist in my game.(Xbox one)
I was on vacation when it dropped,so I missed collecting it.
Forest troll also dropped when I was away,and he can be seen in my unowned category.
Sunbird does not show up in my owned,or in my unowned.
Is this a bug or what?

Still no answer huh?

I don´t think Sunbird is a must have troop,but I´d still like to have it.
Guildmates keep suggesting lineups with Sunbird in them,so…

Are you running the latest update of the game? This is indeed unusual. Please contact our support here https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us so we can help you further.

Ive got it when i could buy it with glory or it was the event , don’t know 100% sure and its a good troop its legendary but yes it don’t find it either in the chest now.

Yes I´m running the latest update of the game.
I submitted my question in the support ticket section,in the link you provided.
I hope that´s the right way to go.

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@Saltypatra @ozball I know this is a potentially unrelated issue, but would you mind running this by one of the console devs to make sure that Sunbird is in the drop pool on Xbox and PS4?

I just checked my collection and have fewer Sunbirds than I might expect - few enough that the ones I bought for glory might be enough to account for all of them. There was a similar issue with Totem Guardian a few months ago where it didn’t get added to the drop pool when it should have and it would be nice to rule out the same thing happening here.

@strat - have you pulled any Sunbirds from chests?


I’ll be sure to check tomorrow, and post after I look.

Same happened with nyx couple month ago

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Ok. I’m opening my Chests on Monday for the ‘ScorpionKing’ Mythic, so I’ll know more then. But looking at Sunbird I’m just past Legendary (exactly where I would leave it normally when using Glory packs). Very Suspicious, but not proof…

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I opened about 1000 mixed glory, gem and level 5 guild chests today and got zero sunbirds.

I too have gotten zero sunbirds beyond what I purchased with glory.

I’ll pass it on tomorrow. :slight_smile:

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I’m thinking Lampey is missing from glory chests.

I thought I was having bad luck, but had only opened about 1000 with no Lamprey. Got one yesterday from gem chests, so you may be right.

I would like to confirm that I am also experiencing Troops that exist in the game that I cannot find in the Troop list.

It started with Scorpius… I could not find him either in the Owned or Unowned list. I had to re-start the game multiple times. Then magically he would show. Trying to support your comment and say from my observations is there is something definitely happening on PC too