Sunbird / Keeper of Souls

Hi there,

I am using PS4 and today i made up a team just to do the daily requests which is:
Keeper of Souls
Mummified King

The problem was that when i cast my Sunbird it was replace with a Wight.
Now i know that Keeper of Souls has a chance to summon a Wight when an ally dies but in the case with Sunbird that shouldnt happen, right?

Its not a big deal, but just wanted to report it.



When Sunbird uses his attack, he ‘dies’ and comes back to life. So the Wight replaces Sunbird.
Same thing happens when you use him with Kerberos, his last trait summons a Warg when an enemy dies.

No offense, but you answered the same i said in my post. I am aware how cards work, i just said in case of Sunbird shouldnt happen that.

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He’s explaining this is “working as intended”. Sometimes two mechanics work in a way that hurt the player, we can call it “anti-synergy”.

The game doesn’t have two different “dies”. So when the Sunbird uses its ability, its “die” is the same “die” as if something killed it. There is, in the game “stack”, the notion that it should return. But since there is a “when an ally dies” trigger, that happens first. Then, there’s nowhere for the Sunbird to go, it can’t resurrect.

For this to not be true there’d either have to be two “dies” so the game can tell the two apart. Then, all “when an ally dies” traits would not work with Sunbird.

So really, the devs would have to special-code Sunbird and every “when an ally dies” trait in the game and figure out which ones players want to work and which ones they don’t. That’s a lot of work. And it’s intuitive to point out that “dies” means “dies”.


I agree with the OP. Sunbird’s ability should take precedent in the progression of reconciling effects. This is supported by the fact that Sunbird was the active troop and mana was spent to use the ability.

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yeah. this sound more like oversight than intended feature.

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Happened to me 2 months ago. Don’t use Keeper of Souls for kill X with 3 khetar troops.

Agree with you, looks like that.

And i said in OP, its not a big deal, just reporting it.

Yeah sorry maybe my explanation wasn’t obvious enough :')
I don’t like the way it works either.

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I think this is working as intended. You should know better than to try using Sunbird with Keeper of Souls or with Kerberos.

Honestly, dont think was intended. But related what you said, it happened to me by fluke, because i put a team just for a daily reward on ps4. Otherwise i would never encounter this.

Hmm, this is a tricky one. It makes sense for the player to expect Sunbird will come back, but I’m guessing in the game code, it’s harder to ensure. The way things currently seem to work is all traits fire off after each stage of a spell. So in the case of Sunbird:

  1. do damage to enemies, traits
  2. kill self, traits
  3. resurrect self, traits

So KoS’s trait fires off in stage 2 of the spell. To change that, they would have to move the traits’ execution after the spell, which would effect a lot of spells in the game. I’m not sure they’d want to do that. Might just have to live with this one.


When an ally dies, KoS and Kerberos have a 50% chance to use the ally’s soul and turn it into a minion. I think it makes sense, as the soul crosses the gate to the afterlife, the gate keeper has the ability to send it back as a minion. Thus not allowing said troop to actually die and trigger a ressurect ability.

That’s how I see it :slight_smile:


Both Kerberos and KoS summon on enemy death. If damage (and thus, kills) completely resolved before Sunbird’s “death”, this wouldn’t happen.


Woops, got that wrong.

Lol, disregard everything I said in the last post.

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