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Sunbird resurrects on enemy team

Platform, device version and operating system
xbox one

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
I cast sunbird and it resurrected on the opposing team instead of my own. I’m not entirely sure if it was actually on the other team or if it was a visual glitch.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Just today, just once.

Steps to make it happen again
I have tried recreating it a few times but was unable to. This is the battle it occurred in;
Quest in sin of maraj , The final four , destroy the seven seals
difficulty: warlord IV

my team:
Hero beastly bow (titan) -dead
Forest Guardian
Spirit fox

enemy team:
Plague -dead
War -dead

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I’ve had this happen with my Abynissia summon. Infernal King appeared on the enemy side. This was back when the speed was 1x. That was over a year ago.

Every time I’ve seen this happen, its been a visual glitch. The summoned troop will still be facing right and still otherwise count as if it on your team, but will appear on the enemy team’s roster. I’ve seen it a handful of time in a few years, and I’ve never been able to reproduce it.

@BRchell What is your platform?

@Korgoth Thank you for your report.

What game-mode did this happen in @Mithran @BRchell @Korgoth? Do you remember what exactly Sunbird was killed by, or at least what Troop may have killed them? Were there any Doomskulls on the board?

I haven’t personally experienced the similar issue in a long, long time and can’t recall exactly which summon decided to jump ship (though I’m fairly sure it wasn’t Sunbird), only that it was a visual glitch only and the summon still functioned as if it were on my team for all intents and purposes - skull interactions, mana gathering, even the way the troop was facing were correct, just that the troop was placed in the wrong location. Not sure if I took a screenshot - did a quick run through of my screenshots and couldn’t find anything. Details are pretty fuzzy because the last time this happened was more than likely in 2017 or even 2016. My thoughts on this were always that to be related to troop sprite’s origin location being improperly set (or reset) based on a race condition.

On reading the original post again, this might be a different issue than what I’ve described, or at least a different trigger. Sunbird wouldn’t resurrect unless it killed itself with its spell. Which always drops the turn without board modding. Every time I’ve seen the sprite origin glitch there was a lot of “stuff” going on around the time it occurred right before something gets put in the wrong place, and Sunbird dying and resurrecting always happens on a stable board.

Platform is PS4 and was during PvP.


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Also, if you use the sunbird in arena, after the first cast returns at lvl 1 being completely useless because it has like 10 hp

True, sunbird is powerful with high stauts. But poor choice in Arena.