New player needing help with sunbird

How do I get Sunbird in the game? I just started 3 days ago and want to build the sunbird, Rowanne, Firebomb x2 team but can not find any information on where to get Sunbird.

Thank you for your help.

It is, as most other cards, a random drop from glory and gem keys. It can also be found in the drop pool of red and purple summoning stones in the Soulforge, but that is only a couple times a year when it is randomly chosen for the week

Thank you for your reply. Another question, where do I go to use the glory points I have? I only know about the chests.

You can also use glory to purchase the new weekly glory troop, check out the shop menu on the RH side of the main screen.

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No vip keys as sunbird is ultra-rare and vip keys drop epic and above.

Also if your guild is doing 2500 seals or more you can get it from guild chests.


If you’re looking for a guild try Connect 4. I’m in that and it is very beginner friendly.

What would be a good replacement for sunbird that is easily obtainable?

For explore, you could try a rowanne team without sunbird.

Four blue with rowanne at the top, ideally with some of the other troops providing bonus blue or green if you have them traited. 4 blue gives an armor bonus.

For example, I sometimes use this team in explore for daily tasks, and it can be fairly fast if you have the bonus mana traits:

rowanne / templar / knight coronet / lance knight B:merlantis

That team has 4 blue, 3 human, 3 knights. You can probably make a better team depending which troops you have traited.

I do have all armor kingdoms at level 10 from gold, if you don’t then rowanne won’t be as fast for you.