The Sun Troop Can now be found in the Vault!

Rather than create different threads like Arena Pet Gnomes being MIA after a patch, or asking a question a on “the wrong thread” or making a thread dedicated to one question for the devs to ignore. I figured I could try to have one central thread for matters I need the communities help on because the devs can’t take 5 seconds to answer a question. 🤷

Also… This way if any nay sayers want to try and throw shade about how outlandish “my theories” can be. When they go to link my thread for ill purposses they’ll be doing so with evidence of how often my theories turn out to be right as well. No one’s perfect by any means. And I’ve been wrong before. But if there’s an official scoreboard then I’m definitely in the lead ahead of the devs despite their home court advantage. :wink: (For them, it’s their job/career, for me it’s a passion and a game I love.)

I digress to the matter at hand today though.

To alleviate Salty’s inner thoughts ↑
Since she’s not in any rush to settle matters ↓

I won’t hunt down the comments but at least a few players besides me have tried to ask if the Sun is in the Vault currently since Campaign 3 ended “a few weeks ago”.

No need to specifically go looking for it. Or use X amount of keys and post here that you couldn’t find it.
All I ask is if you post a screen shot of the vault rewards with the Sun included whenever it happens.

And what I’ll do is update the title to be easily searchable to “The sun can now be found in the Vault” after enough folks have confirmed your posting.
Kind of what I did with my bug report on the Pet Gnomes in the arena. Which the devs to this day… Still never commented on. :sweat_smile:🤦

Thank you in advance.


is the sun a Vault troop? it says Suncrest…

Use the link in the middle of the OP. It’ll Direct you to Salty’s quote stating it’ll be in the Vault.

The Sun is considered a “Tarot Card”.

I’ve never understood why they don’t have a news post in game saying “So and so troop can now be found in some place!” That would help in situations like this. It also lets people know when newer troops finally hit the chest pools.

I’m also still confused as to what a “tarot card” is. The first time I heard it was in a stream, someone asking if tarot cards will have another use (answer being no).

Can we maybe retitle this thread to say the Sun is so far NOT confirmed in vault?


That’s non news. And I can’t confirm it since I myself haven’t tried finding it the vault. So for now… What I feel is the fun title remains. Because it hints at what the thread will be continuously, instead of just the Sun issue presently.

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ah… this is a torture for f2p then.
getting vault key isnt that easy too.

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Or folks who don’t play Gems of War Minecraft Edition.
Discord, or Tarans, or the Forums ect…
Used to be a choice for information… Now it’s necessary just to know how to find troops for your collection. 🤷

The only comparison I can kind of make is Seasonal Imps. But with those, logic can be applied. What about the Sun would hint that they can be found in the Vault when ALL other Vault troops are labeled…with… The Vault on them.

I’m gonna start telling people I’m from Australia (despite how I’ve never even been there) because clearly location/categories doesn’t matter anymore.


Not sure if this will be of use to you, but in the troops list, The Sun is in Suncrest, not the vault.

It does not appear in the vault troop list, although Heart of Rage does:

Based on this, I would hazard a guess that The Sun is not in The Vault and Salty may have simply been mistaken.

It would be interesting if it could be obtained with event keys the next time Suncrest is the event kingdom. Which will be what, 2030?

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it’s best to ask @Saltypatra for a clarification once again, if mentioning the sun as vault troop is intentional or simply a mistake

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As if we have ever gotten anything other than “it’s working as intended” even if it’s obviously wrong. That’s if we ever get a direct response to this :woman_shrugging:


I was wrong. 5 vault keys.


Those 3 other rewards though…

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Updated the title. Will condense the OP and then update to the next topic.

But basically I’m interested in the drop rate. I’ve made queries into the Sun’s drop rate to no avail this far.

So regardless of any data prior to this day (March 22nd)

When folks such as @RiverSong if you kept track of it.

I would like to know how many Vault keys you used.
How many Cedrics, Heart of Rage, and The Sun you discovered. Bonus question if you found a Power Orb or not. (I’m not interested in Major or minor orbs per say, specifically Power Orbs being rolled from them.)

Those who use less than 50 vault keys without discovering any of the 4 items need not post unless you really you need to.
Those over 50 keys with zero luck please do report. It seems rather impossible to use 50 vault keys without getting at least 1 Cedric. (but it would support my theory in regards to GoW being absurdly streaky).

Why not just update the OP with this? I have to remember how to “hide items” but I will. :slightly_smiling_face:

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From 44 vault keys…

1 The Sun
1 Heart of Rage
4 Cedric
0 Power Orbs


50 keys
The Sun - 0
Heart of Rage - 1
Cedric - 6
Major Orbs of Chaos 13 (0 Power Orbs)

All keys used after reset in which The Sun was implemented into vault loot table


Small sample size so far admittedly. But that it does point me towards what I fear. Thank you for the contributions so far and the ones to follow.

Hope we will see it in the forge, but… :roll_eyes:

50 keys
The Sun - 0
Heart of Rage - 0
Cedric - 3
Power Orb - 1

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2 vault keys - 1 The Sun
PS: this is not a complaint awryan.

50 keys
The Sun - 0
Heart of Rage - 0
Cedric - 5
No Power Orb, no Major Orb of Ascension

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