Has anyone got The Sun from Vault rewards? (yes)

One for regular elite pass, and 5 more for elite+ pass owners :wink:

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At least then there’d be some reason to buy the more expensive pass, however small

If they want to make it at least a bit more attractive - that’s probably the way to go.

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It seems to me It’s another reason not to buy the pass. If you don’t buy pass you need 6 of the troop. If you do buy it then you still need 5. Folks buying the pass do not want to jump through more hoops trying to get the troop maxed. I am only saying this because putting it in the vault makes it even harder to get current troops in vault maxed. It seems like the Devs are doing this because they think the common player is sitting on hundreds of vault keys and nothing can be further from the truth. No reason troops that are not vault troops should be available only in the vault.

The ‘reason’ is because they want people to get them first from Elite campaign rewards, rather than having a very small chance of getting them from Vault rewards at a much later date.
This was established in the first campaign with Heart of Rage. FOMO ftw.

Even though Heart of Rage isn’t a “Tarot Card” right? Because it’s actually a “Vault” troop.

That despite it’s Legendary Rarity.

Is literally the hardest to find troop in the entire game. As in the lowest drop rate. Lower than even mythic troops. Or the other Legendary Troop in the Vault.

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Yeah, there are no rules regarding Vault troops’ rarities now. Particularly 505 Games not having to disclose the chances of getting any troop from there, unlike other chests.
Maybe there is a loophole for whatever reason? I dunno.

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I think the drop rates that they do disclose is so if anyone asks they can be like see, we disclose our drop rates. And of course John who’s never played GoW is going to assume that means they disclose all drop rates. But those who actually play the game know that’s not the case.

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Ascension orbs exists. Not saying everything’s fine as is, but if you have one copy, then one ascension orb can save you a lot of pain. If you have 0 copies, much pain. Which I think is exactly the reasoning behind putting it in the vault. It’s the “subscribe or suffer” business model.


I do not care about Vault troops because they are not linked to a kingdom progression. Blue orbs can be used as long as they stop making troops that require 8 power orbs. Otherwise all blue Orbs need to go to that.


Prior to weekly reset tonight. When you say Vault troops I knew 100% what you meant.

Now I have to assume you mean Vault “kingdom” troops and not troops that can be found in the Vault per say.

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Can you imagine when there are like 6 of these troops in the vault pool? Imagine you are lucky enough to pull 5 of them, how hard will it be to pull the 1 you DON’T have?

HoR didn’t attract enough subscription purchases because players don’t really care about vault troops as they don’t impact kingdom power… This way these troops are extremely hard to get AND they count for kingdom power. It’s all about the subs.


Pretty sure they forgot to add it and only remembered once enough players asked about it here in the forum. Word has it that Quetzalma was already available last week from keys, despite having been released later.


Anyone snagged The Sun yet? Wouldn’t surprise me if Salty called it a week early and it won’t actually be in there until 4 weeks after the campaign finished.


Not mine but this was just post by someone today after 30VKs


Edit to remove player information.


I was wrong. 5 vault keys.


no sun on 50 vault keys :sob:

A guildmate confirms she got The Sun from vault keys too.

This thread has served its purpose now I think :slightly_smiling_face:

There is another one collecting data on vault keys used (50+) trying to get The Sun here:


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When I saw yours pop up. I quickly recalled how the title of my thread gave zero indication that your thread and mine basically had the same intentions. So I really couldn’t fault you for making a thread as well. But yeah moving forward the title of that thread will be more on the matter of whatever the pressing issue is… Rather than fun ways of inserting “:gem:” into words.