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No Secret Stones in Zhul´Kari

  • I can play in Zhul´Kari as offen as i want. I don‘t get secret stones in this country.
  • sometimes the opponent uses his special attack before it is full loaded.
  • thx for repairing the smithy. Now I can see the stones.
  • sometimes the clan-chat-window is empty. Why?
  • How can a normal player get special attackers like „death“ or „grasshopper“…? I get all times the attackers that I already have

You get secret stones in Explore mode most often. They are still rare and you need luck.
The grasshopper is a Mythic troop. It is very hard to find in chests, but it is there.
Opponent can have enchant, which gives mana by each turn. Also there is Empowered trait that makes a troop fully loaded in the start of the game. These are possible on certain troops. It’s not a bug.
Clan-chat can be empty if no one writes to it. Also sometimes when you start the game it wont load old messages.
Smithy works nicely now, excellent.

Also I think your language is great. Someone should make a Warrior - GoW - Warrior dictionary though.


You can try to write in my language, and we will see how good you are… :wink:

I don‘t mean the opponents which are loading „normal“. You can see how fully they are loaded. But they should not attack when they are not full loaded in gameplay. But sometimes they do. Try it…
Playing Zhul‘Kari about 53 times and NEVER getting a secret stone is normal? Great Game…

OK, I try it. Every day.

I don’t remember Arcane traitstone drop rates, but it can be a pain in the ash to grind a single stone, since unlucky streaks are possible. Even 530 times and no secret stone is possible. Try it…

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The odds of getting an Arcane traitstone are about 1 in 16 (6%) in explore mode and about 1 in 50 (2%) in all other modes.

If you did 53 explore battles and didn’t get an Arcane, that is some bad luck, but I have had runs of over 140 explores with no Arcanes. I have also had runs where I have gotten 3 arcanes in 4 battles. Over time, these things tend to even out. Things are random, so just keep at it.

That’s how probability works. Unless someone is tilting the odds for you, playing 10,000 games without a traitstone should be possible, if not frustrating.

Coin tosses make good demonstrations. Let’s say we’re tossing a perfectly balanced coin. It lands on heads, we’ll use “H” for that and “T” for tails.

What are the odds that it lands on H for the second toss? Bad gamblers will say 100%, because they think somehow the universe guarantees results. Good gamblers understand H is still 50%, and T is still 50%. Let’s say we flip and get H again.

So we have “HH” in sequence. At two tosses, only “HH”, “HT”, “TH”, and “TT” were possible. For 2 tosses, we only had 25% odds of reaching “HH”. Neat. We’re lucky! Note there were 2 ways to get 1 heads and 1 tails. So we had 50% odds of that. We’re really lucky!

What happens if we flip it again? A bad gambler will say, “It HAS to be tails now!”. A smart gambler understands it is 50%. We flip and get another heads. “HHH”. Out of all the possibilities, that sequence had 12.5% odds. But when we were already at “HH”, it was 50%! That’s because in that state, only “HHH” and “HHT” were possible.

That’s how finding Arcane Traitstones works. The game does NOT keep count of how many games you’ve played and hand out a stone if you go “too long” without one. (Or, if it does, that hasn’t been explained to us.) If @Stan is correct and the odds are about 1:16 or 6%, we can say:

  • Every game you play has a 6% chance of dropping a stone.
  • You are 88% likely to see no traitstones in 2 plays.
  • In order to be 90% certain you’ll get one, you need to play about 36 games.
    • That still means if you play 36 games, you are 10% likely to get 0 traitstones, that’s a fairly high probability.
  • To be 99% certain, you need to play about 112 games.
    • See how it cost 76 more games just for an extra 9% certainty?
    • You could still play 112 games without getting an arcane traitstone. It’s phenomenally unlikely! But considering thousands of players farm daily, several people “win” this bet every day.
  • At 53 games, you had about an 11% chance to see 0 arcane traitstones. 11% is a fairly high probability, so you’re not even notably unlucky!

Our brains are very bad at probability. We like to think 90%, 80%, and even 75% are sure things. But they’re not. You can lose a 99% bet. The system is only broken if that isn’t true.


Yuck. My worst so far has been 76 and I was pretty frustrated by the time my dry spell broke. You have my sympathy.

On the flip side, my best is something like 5 in 6 games, and I’ve had 3 drop in a row a handful of times. Streaks go both ways!

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Thanks. I felt like I was taking crazy pills during my record dry spell. Even for someone who knows the odds, understands the gambler’s fallacy, etc., I was still feeling like I was ‘due’ with every battle, or that there must be something wrong with the game. RNG can mess with your head.