Explore mode question in Grosh-Nak

Does the power of a kingdom make a difference in when arcane traitstones drop in explore mode? I have been playing explore for 4 days in Grosh-Nak looking for an arcane lava traitstone and have not had 1 drop yet (a few hundred games). The kingdom power is only 1 star, I get arcane stones all the time in other kingdoms but they are mostly 4+ stars.


I think arcane drops every 14th battle

If that’s the case Grosh-Nak must be having a problem. I rarely even get runic stones.

It’s nothing but terrible luck. Everyone has been in your shoes.

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I will keep trying and hope the Gems Of War gods smile upon me!

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If the Gods won’t smile, Harold will! :slight_smile:


That’s simply not true.

There is a probability that an arcane will drop after each battle. In explore mode, that probability is approximately 6%, so over the long haul, you can expect an average of about 1 arcane per 16 or 17 battles, but it is not going to happen every 14th battle. If you go a long time without getting an Arcane, it’s just bad luck. Sometimes you’ll get 2 in a row, or 3 in 4 battles. Sometimes you can do 30 or 40 battles without a single one.