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No rewards because "event has ended"1

If a player is actively participating in one of the events and started a match before the event ended, they should not be penalized and not given that rounds reward because the event ends while they are in the match. Some of the matches can take a while to play and it’s a waste of the players time to play, only to be greeted with



After hitting that button and restarting the game, the rewards for the battles you completed before expiration should be in your mailbox.

You can’t hit a home run after the 27th out and win the game. There’s a time limit on events, and you have to finish within the time limit. This is how it’s designed, it’s not a bug, and it’s not likely to be changed.

The main reason is pet rescues can stack, and I guarantee you this code is not able to handle “If you are in Pet Rescue A and someone else starts Pet Rescue B you should get rewards for Pet Rescue A”. There are also considerations like, “Guild Wars has already ended but you finished your match 10 minutes late”. The score’s already tabulated and people already saw it.


Your rewards will be in ur mail

But in American Football, if the game clock expires while a play is active, that is just the last play of the game and you can still score the final points afterward. This is the common sense way for pet rescues to work, and it is already the way dungeons work. The way pet rescues works currently is that you can win the battle in time and be denied you don’t click through the rewards screen before the time expired. It might not be a “bug”, per se, but it is questionable design.

As stated, the way it works now is more than likely because of the way rewards are handled server side - they don’t poll until after the rewards screen because they are a separate pickup tied to the event specifically and not tied directly to the battle. In fact, for at least a couple weeks into pet rescues, if you let the event expire without collecting rewards, they’d mail you baskets instead of rolling them first and mailing the rewards. If you collected these baskets from your mailbox after another rescue started, the basket’s potential reward would be from the last pet rescue that was initiated and not the one the baskets actually came from. They fixed this by having the baskets roll before the event was cleared then mailing out the resulting rewards, so you’d get the rewards from the correct rescue.

What I question here is in this instance, having them be a separate manual rewards collect button you have to click is also pretty pointless since 1 battle = 1 reward and it isn’t some accumulated score thing like Bounty, nor is it a collective event like Raid/Invasion, nor is it something that needs to be tabulated and have a winner declared like Guild Wars. As I mentioned before, if you complete a dungeon battle you have already started, even if the day runs out afterwards, you still get the rewards because they are primary rewards are just attached to the battle, which is how this should have probably been done. My guess is that this mode might have started off as something more similar to Bounty or Raid/Invasion and morphed into what we have now, and they didn’t want to start over. I guess we should just be glad that isn’t the final design they went with here.

It is just another one of those things that “it probably shouldn’t have ever worked this way, but this is the way it works now and it is unlikely to change”.


My post was shorter than yours and speculated the reason it is how it is: “the game can’t handle you finishing Pet Rescue A while Pet Rescue B is active and also dole out rewards for Pet Rescue A”. Knowing this codebase that’d probably award you 8 Zuul’goths.

It is valid for a game to end at the allotted time. Just ask Association Football players, or as the British called it once “soccer”. That game can end in a tie. There’s no universal “how games end” rule.

I know, I was just offering a counterpoint to why in this instance, the one I believe makes the most sense is to allow you to obtain the rewards even if you finished the battle even after the allotted time is expired, just like dungeons - one battle, one reward. But the point is really moot, as we have both stated, this is unlikely to happen because this is the way things are implemented now, and the events are not going to be rebuilt from the ground up to accommodate. Really, this is all more of having my thoughts out there for the next time they design something like this.

I still think it is rather silly that you can finish a pet rescue, hit the final battle reward screen with 52 minutes left to spare, go eat dinner, come back to a “the event has ended” screen and not get the pet because you didn’t click the continue button one last time after you already won. This isn’t intuitive or player friendly at all, and most rewards screens you have already been granted all relevant rewards before displaying them to you. Yeah, this is easily avoidable once you know about it, and also not really a “bug”, but it would also be pretty out there to assume someone intentionally designed something this way and not just “oh, we didn’t really think of that”.

This is a game where the troop specifically designed to kill towers includes abilities to which towers are immune.

This is a game where, to deal with “Divines have too much power”, a troop that does more damage than any other troop to more troops than any other troop was designed.

This is a game where, for nearly a year, “Using an endgame weapon in the mode designed to handicap older players” was by design.

This is a game where, for at least six months, winning a match counts as a loss.

This is a game that releases an expansive update that encourages players to experiment with different classes, but charges premium currency to change more than once every 24 hours.

No one has ever provided an explanation why the Anus Scepter cannot select blue gems.

I don’t put a lot past the “too dumb to be intentional” test anymore.