No nysha tokens

since update why is it almost impossible to get any nysha token doing explores 12 but players that got the hoard mytic say they are getting lots of nysha tokens most i been hearing is they get 5x nysha tokens but 0 if no mytic, tell me why

I don’t record exact numbers of Nysha tokens received but do plenty of Explores daily.

Haven’t noticed any major difference recently (or ever.)

Streaks of unluckiness happen to everyone. Same as lucky streaks.


There is no difference whatsoever in getting the Nysha token before and after getting the Hoard Mimic Mythic.


The apparent correlation could also be due to higher levels of gameplay since update: I myself have never played as much Explore 12 as I have in the past couple of weeks, which resulted in e.g. 4 or 5 Nysha tokens yesterday alone.

Those players who may be playing more are also therefore increasing their likelihood of pulling the mythic.

Seems pretty normal on my end (I have found the Mythic, and didn’t notice different medal drop rates)
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I’ve done about 2500 trophies this week, and the Nysha rate hasn’t changed.