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Nysha and Anu tokes far too low drop rate

Please make their drop chances a little better.


When these medals first arrived, we assumed that - like with ingots - there would at some point be a way to get more of them. As it stands, nysha tokens are so rare that most people have zero chance of upgrading a single mythic troop to gold after a year of playing. Was that really the intention?


You get a flash offer for a Nysha medal ($40) every time you pull a new mythic.


My suggestion to fix this

I got 1 nysha token in 12 months playing. Anu I got about 10.
I played a considerable amount of time on explore level 12.

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Thanks for the data.

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That is some serious hard luck, friend. But with 1-2 hours grinding everyday, it is not impossible to get a mythic or two to gold in such period. Of course, not everyone may have that kind of a time.

Grinding explore for 2 hours every day isn’t exactly a small amount of time.


Impossible? No.
But I’m playing for 2 years and a half and I have 1 medal of Nysha only.
Just for comparison I already upgraded 40 troops to gold, and more 30 to silver or bronze.

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It’s possible but it’s also bloody boring. Since grinding medals and playing arena are the only two things left to do that achieve me anything, I have just about stopped playing.

Hmm. I’m not sure how you prioritize different game modes. I do explore at level 12 a lot, after getting to tier 1 in PvP. I have 4 mythics, several legendaries - an overall 200 troops - at gold elite level. I have been playing for 3 years but a couple of guildies who have been in this for 1-2 years have already gotten to 100 gold troops achievement. It should be possible provided you give time to the game.

I started to go after the 100 gold achievement, but for that I don’t need Nysha medals.
But you with 4 mythical at gold while already having 200 at gold elite level just confirms the very low odds of Nysha medal, I guess.
In the end we all know why.

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I farm at E12 several hours every day and I only have 1 nysha badge so far. It’s getting boring and no way I will ever get 3 medals.

You can and will if you keep playing E12…Keep in mind that nysha is only a 1-2% chance of dropping

We need a Medal-a-Palooza weekend and one of those days to be bugged.


Yes. Medal-a-polooza!!

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Well I’m level 1000 and only 1 nysha badge, so to get 9 badges for 3 medals, that takes me to level 9000, not happening! Nysha-palooza would help.

You will need more xp for each level reached so you might have one Nysha medal before you reach level 2000.

OP has only 13 likes, unreal IMO. People seems happy with the drop rate…

Maybe people gave up on seeing even one nysha medal.


Yeah, I remember I farmed those right after they released the patch and it did take a week or two and I had 3 medals. Then it got nerfed badly some time after.

I have played quite some explores level 12 in modern time and I think I saw one Nysha out of many, many hours of explore.