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Nysha and Anu tokes far too low drop rate

For some perspective, it takes a little less than 800,000 XP total to hit level 1000, but ~51 million XP total to hit level 2000. At level 9000 (nobody will ever get that high, lol) the total amount of XP needed will be well over 3 billion. So keep at it, you’ll have your 3 Nysha medals long before hitting level 2000, very likely well before hitting level 1500. Good luck!

Now level 1019 and still 1 nysha badge :stuck_out_tongue:

Level 1223 and 1 Nysha medal.

I don’t understand this hero level thing. Did all of you only farm explores from lets say level 1 to 1223? If not its not sane.

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I play normally, do adventures, dungeon, the campaign and use my sigils, that already is enough for my day. Of course months before I use to grind more.
So, no I didn’t stay on explore all the time. I did factions pvp, pet hunts on casual pvp you know, normal playing.
But did moderate grinding for medals on explore lvl12.

Now I’m trying medal my troops for Geoff trophy, I have enough medals but not souls. Gladly I don’t need more Nyshas to do this.

Finally up to 2 medals. The grind is so long…

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This seems very unlikely. Just wondering if you’re playing at x4 speed? How long does each battle take you? If it takes longer than ~45 seconds per battle you need a faster team.

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Very much so: maybe some faster team suggestions may help?

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As you might remember, there was actually a Nysha token in the first draft of Epic Tasks – I forget where the list was, just had a look and couldn’t find it (maybe it was only available to Beta folk) – but here’s one mention:

A potential slow and steady income of Nysha tokens would have been way more palatable, alongside the meagre and random drops from Explores, whether in that form or another.

Maybe they decided the Anu and Nysha tokens were too generous in the tasks, but forgot to re-balance Explore drop rates accordingly or add another source?


I just got my third full Nysha medal after lots of intense grinding off and on. I have to take a break just to give myself some mental space to recover.

Don’t get me wrong, 3x Nysha is solid, but for the rarity the advantage in battle is negligible. In fact, I find myself using the 2x Nysha and 1 Anu for the 20% mana boost much more.

Seems like the main reason for the scarcity is to keep mythics from easily being gold medaled too easily.

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On average, 1 get 1 nysha medal per week (6000 trophies). But I only farm in E12 except on vault weekend and almost no PVP. I also must watch a movie or a TV series while grinding.

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Sounds easy.

Glad it’s not just me! Level doesn’t mean anything in regards to medals. The amount of explore runs or time in explore matters.

Back to the OP, I agree drop rates are too low. Every now and then I debate if I should do more explore 12s. I already have 3 nysha medals so I just want more to medal troops. My last debate was during GAP weekend. I did a low level fast run and got orpheus. Then I did an explore 12 slow run and again got orpheus. :woman_shrugging: I just medal troop with seasons and other low level medals now.

That said, I did the math sometime way back and even with the low drop rates, spamming explore 12 is still better for medalling troops. I just can’t be bothered to medal troops really.


Yes, game design where you’re expected to NEVER achieve a goal is kind of off-putting. I’ve stop playing explore. Can’t be bothered.

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The goal is not to gold medal every troop, but to eventually get 20 in each kingdom.


What’s interesting about GAP (especially pre-nerf, but even now) is that it makes souls SO much more accessible that Nyshas aren’t quite as important for medaling. Huge amounts of souls means huge amounts of tries available to medal Mythics using lower-quality medals. Obviously, Nyshas are still great for medaling, and it’d be great to have another way to get them, though. Combining a ton of lower rarity medals seems like a smart idea.

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Are endgamers struggling with souls? I am sitting at 3 million now. Granted I dont do much explore because I cant be bothered (I got my three nyshas, Im happy) so Im not swimming in medals. But I cant even tell you the cost of attempting to medal troops because whatever it is, it hasn’t made a dent to my stash.

I thought souls were only for early/mid players still trying to level their troops. I remember that being brutal at times.

Depends on how long you want to play this game. Kingdom power level requirements include the following:

power 22 - 5 troops with bronze
power 25 - 10 troops with silver
power 28 - 15 with gold
power 30 - 20 with gold

That’s going to take a lot of souls. And, of course, a lot of Explore grinding.

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Oh yeah forgot about that. Im pet blocked most places now so these kingdom reqs dont affect me. …Yet


Same here, pet blocked most kingdoms