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Explore level 12 token drop rates

Have the drop rates for tokens changed in the last 2-3 weeks? I have farmed level 12 explore for hours over the last couple weeks and haven’t had a single token of Nysha, of which I need 1 more to get 2 medals. I have also noticed a big increase in the amount of token of Gaard I have been seeing. In the past I would usually get a token of Nysha for every 10-20 boss battles I played. Maybe I was just extremely lucky and my luck has turned? With other changes to the game lately I have a feeling that’s not correct though.

RNG is with you, or it’s not.

That’s well above par.


If I filter our all rows containing Nysha tokens from my total of 1656 rows:


Wow, must have just been extremely lucky then. I got my 17 tokens in probably 300 or less boss battles. If Irongut at 50 attack is any indication of their RNG as a whole then I’m in for a couple hundred boss battles with no Nysha tokens…

I’ve been getting more Nysha tokens in the last two weeks, far more, than I had been getting in the previous months.

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