[Not a Bug] Nysha Tokens

Steam, Android:

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Nysha Tokens are not dropping, ever on Steam, or Android. No issues with them dropping on the Xbox.’

**Happens all the time_

Steps to make it happen again
Nysha tokens are never dropping in Explore.

Can’t confirm this. Playing on Steam, have found tokens of Nysha multiple times.

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I got 2 on Android yesterday

I know somebody can find the published percentages somewhere, or can find the datamined percentages somewhere. But it’s not a common drop, even if you’re playing on Explore 12. (Let alone if you’re trying to find them playing Explore 1.)

I play a fair amount of Explore 12 myself. Some days I get a few. Some days I get none. The same with Anu Tokens, although not quite to the same extreme.

It’s an RNG thing.


You won’t find any Anu tokens below E6, nor any Nysha tokens below E9. If you are farming tokens it’s probably a bad idea to run anything lower than E12.


Was there a breakdown of the chance of 2 tokens vs 3 for explore level 12?

I do wholeheartedly agree on E12 farming as in the rare chance of a mimic fight, the token payout will be greater as well if it rolls an anu or nysha token before the multipliers.

Of course, the mimic spawn rate has its own issues.

Average tokens for E12 is 2.5, I don’t have a chart for it though. That means you’ll get a total of 50 tokens on average out of 20 E12 boss chests, of which 1 on average will be a Nysha token. This calculation ignores Mimic fights.

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Here, every E12 done since the last days of May.

I had a perfect 2.50 tokens just around New Year, but then it promptly, within a week, went into +70 for two token chests and will probably take months to get even again.


Probably just bad luck.

I got my first 2 Nysha medals on PS4 lonnng before I got them on android/steam. After I finally got them, Nysha tokens seemed to drop more often. It’s just randomness, though.

I once had 106 E12 chests in a row with no Nysha tokens, then got a Nysha token on each of the next 3 E12 chests. So the RNG can be quite streaky in GOW, lol.

I know it’s frustrating to open up a whole bunch of chests and not get any Nysha tokens, but keep grinding E12 and the Nysha tokens will eventually come.

I have had more mimic battles and not 1 Nysha token, unlike the Xbox.