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No black characters?

To leave what’s happening in America as race is what they want
It’s an important part of it yes, but it’s so much more
It’s the level of authoritarianism in policing anyone who doesn’t have enough money or power to protect themselves from it, with no accountability or repercussions for anyone in power, after forcing more and more into the powerless group as time goes on while they increase surveillance
Are we going to just demand that police don’t choke or shoot black people to death, or are we going to get to the root of the problem…giving people supreme unaccountable authority and deadly weapons to intrude in any part of our life at any time they may feel like it
I’ve been harassed by police before, and just because I wasn’t killed, doesn’t mean the system is mostly ok
Everyone needs to think a lot deeper than we are now

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I’ve been thinking about the various responses to my original post and really trying to process and organise my thoughts to respond.

It wasn’t long after I started playing this game that this issue started to bother me, and the recent events in the world have made me want to put feeling into action. And, here’s the thing. If trying to make a change in this game, out of a sea of games out there for people to play, invokes such pushback, then it proves to me how widespread and entrenched this problem is. Because really, this is such a tiny thing. In a game that adds new characters weekly, to begin introducing more diversity could take very little. And to have this one game that so many people will never see or interact with make that change will impact so few. And yet, this infinitesimal change in the grand scheme of things, still has some people apparently afraid, angry, and worried, to the point where they are willing to come on this forum and act out anger and fear, in rude, dismissive language, all to prevent this miniscule change from happening. Why? Why is that change so threatening? I’d have to say that it’s because if everyone started making those small changes in their lives, or demanding it from their entertainment, from the products they consume, from their friends and family, from their politicians and government, from their institutions of education and learning, change will happen. And it will grow larger and larger and crack apart this bubble that some people have been privileged to live in. So please, don’t listen to frightened, angry people who tell you not to care, while they care greatly to keep their own lives comfortable. Take the first smallest step in creating change. As you can see from this little microcosm of daily life, even this will not be easy. But isn’t it worth it? It’s proven to me the need to speak up, and more frequently.


Thank you for taking the time to bring this request to the devs. Personally, I rarely bring up the lack of black representation in the games that I play because I know there will be a percentage of dismissive and offensive posts… always.

Anyway, it’s great that it was a positive thread for the most part. Most importantly, I’m happy to hear that the devs have this on their radar.


Cool, devs will jump on this vs the 1000 ongoing issue in game :joy:

Nice try. :rofl: Thankfully, the people that work on the art aren’t the same people that work on coding new mechanics or on fixing buggy code.


Not asking to be an ass, but seriously
Are u black, or is anyone with u on this topic who is black?
I remember during the joke of a primary election, there was a lot of physically diverse candidates, but the vast majority of black voters(who weren’t voter suppressed) chose 2 old white guys
So are u a black man asking for this for yourself and others? Or are u just another random white guy trying to be “woke”?
As I said, not trying to be an ass
Just trying to get people to think deeper

I can’t speak for the OP. But, I am black. Behind the scenes, other black players have spoke on the issue of there not being black characters in the game. Most of us never brought it up publicly on the forum for the obvious reasons.


I was just curious
There’s a lot out there that just do things to be politically correct, not truly trying to represent anything, just standing for cosmetic changes n not real ones

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It took this game over 5 years to ‘give’ us a ‘playable’ Orc class. I ‘get’ to be human every day. They had opportunities to introduce black humans in the past, and chose not too.

The game’s classification of race has always confused me. Example: Quickpaw Jack is a Wildfolk, I guess because he’s raccoon, while Crimson Arrow is an Urska, presumably because he’s a red panda…which isn’t a bear but whatever. Wildfolk, Wargare, and Urska seem interchangeable depending on the mood of the day.

If the game were to introduce black characters into the game as a delve faction, then we’d have to crush them repeatedly over and over until said faction was maxed, and then possibly forget about our horrific brutality in the same way as our atrocities vs the Werewoods.

The game could introduce a handful of black explorers. An Urska Wanderer exists in Stormheim; Barbearius in Maugrim Woods. Axelubber the Orc sails the sees of Blackhawk. But these black explorers would have to come from somewhere.

It would be better to introduce a new kingdom…Roguepanda, with a new hero class, the Black Panda, an Elemental Wargare (first dual class, who cares if pandas aren’t wargare either. This is half-assed fiction, just like most of this game’s lore).

The kingdom’s questline could be how the evil Adana folk stole Roguepandan tech to power Adanan machinery, and now Black Panda has emerged from the elemental mysts to set things right.

Thank God the original post simple asked about adding a black character or two instead of asking the devs to solve all the complex racial issues plaguing the world.


Face it, orcs deserve the discrimination they get! :stuck_out_tongue:

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This game has long supported the fallacy that Elves, Fey, and Vampires are superior to Orcs, Wargare, and Were-folk. “Inside every Umberwolf is a Nosferatu trying to get out”? Elspeth please.

I’ll give the OP the benefit of the doubt as to what his intent was. Giancarlo Esposito’s character just wanted some brothers up on the wall. Allegedly. But Radio Rahim lost his life, and Sal lost his pizzeria. Too high a price, in my opinion.

I’ll be on Tanks until GW. We can settle our differences then. For the Horde.

It’s the company’s game. You guys can do whatever you want. As long as you make it enjoyable I’ll continue to play. The game can be the player watching the paint peel off the walls but if you make it awesomely fun I’d play it.

That’s why Skeletons are the best, let people be measured by the calcium in their bones, not the color of their fleshy prisons!


This thread was OK until the same people who usually derail and wreck threads with no consequence showed up.


Please keep this on topic.

Discussing representation in game is the aim of this thread. Please do not derail this thread, or attack others over their opinions and point of view. Keep it civil and treat each other with respect and kindness.


It’s a fantasy game and a lot of the art doesn’t make sense any way. Ranging from troops that show attributes which do not match their spell/traits or vice versa to insects with mammary glands.
Make the humans purple, remove the humans, I really don’t give a hoot so long as it doesn’t become unpleasant to look at.

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There is a lack of reference work with Blacks in a fantasy setting. So with nothing to copy from, the poor artists in Shanghai and ChengDu can’t create original art with Blacks in it. Nothing nefarious at all about it.

I’ve had a little chuckle right there.
What any respectable artist and art director should do is to coordinate the efforts of their team, be it outsourced or not, to pursue proper references about what is needed/wanted.

The devs also can certainly brainstorm together to make their part and make a difference regarding representation, we live in the age of information and there is plenty of data to gather ideas of african culture, for example, to introduce a new kingdom in Krystara. This would be an optimal path in my opinion as well as putting some relevant black characters in other human kingdoms as well.

And PLEASE make it good, not overpowered, just good in both mechanics and arts! That’s a major incentive to use these troops/kingdom. There is no point on trying to add representativity just so people will ignore those troops/mechanics because they are lame/badly draw.


That’s asking a lot of Australian devs that use a Chinese art house. If they were American based, it’d be much easier.

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