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Emperor Khorvash and lore (kudos to the devs!)

Back when the community Design-A-Troop discussions were taking place, I recall a couple of issues with the then-current Legendary distribution:

  1. There was a distinct lack of human Legendaries (well, to be more precise, human/dwarf/elf, all basic humanoid fantasy races were underrepresented at the Legendary tier); and
  2. Aside from (perhaps) Celestasia, all Legendaries (and certainly all quest-chain Legendaries) were on the Evil end of the axis. That means that players playing with the top-end troops are almost without fail creating teams of abominations and monsters; not too heroic!

I feel like the devs listened to the feedback, even if Design-A-Troop is indefinitely postponed. Emperor Khorvash is a Legendary human (well, not Human type, but close enough [and he might not be the last one :wink: ]), and he’s a good guy ( His quest chain has you saving him from an angry mob ). So, thank you @Sirrian, @Nimhain, @Andrew, for mixing up a human hero in what is basically Team Evil tier rarity. :wink:


Well said, well said. I’ve been waiting a long time for more “good guys”.

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