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No black characters?

Because the art is done in China by Chinese.

Is it? Do you have any proof of this or just being xenophobic?

Why not go to their website and look. I included the link when I grabbed the pic on purpose.

Nope. Your example is just a ridiculous exaggeration used to mock the OP’s reasonable question.


Still waiting on @B12345 and now @Lorien1973 to come in and explain the comment left here:

Please, keep in mind I’m not as smart as a lot of people so the more you can elaborate, the better my chances of understanding are. Thank you both for your time!


Hrm, really? There’s gotta be some…


Or is he more middle eastern, like Wazir?


How about Falconer?



Yeah, most of these seem to be more middle eastern than black… Comparatively, there are TONS of white elves, gnomes, dwarves, humans, mystics, what have you.


Probably the closest, although not human.


Well this is why we dont look for validation in video games, right?


It’s a good thing that the OP said nothing about looking for validation in a video game.


I really question whether this post was made in good faith.

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I think this thread brings up some good points.

Originally Gems of War was a game that was very white European centric. We added skin colours for the heroes due to player requests. However, we received feedback that this wasn’t just an issue of skin colour, but also features, so we added racially diverse features to those heroes after receiving further feedback from the player-base.

Since then we’ve been attempting to correct the imbalance by creating characters with skin tones and features appropriate to their kingdoms. We admit that we still have a ways to go, but it’s something we’re working on over time, and will continue working on.


That’s great to hear and appreciated.


I’m glad to hear it. I posted originally because this seemed the only avenue to give feedback on the game. I didn’t expect some of the salty comments. I’m grateful to those who are more eloquent than me for responding to some of the worst offenders.


Might be a good idea to add a kingdom that would be inhabited by some black colored troops ?
Players wouldn’t mind to see another new kingdom :stuck_out_tongue:


In the meantime…
I’m officially introducing fan fiction lore.
That due to race relations in Krystara.
Every Knight that has it’s identity hidden is of a dark complexion ethinicity. (I agree there are a lot of white shaded troops but I don’t see them as Caucasian nor would I see any dark shaded troops as African American.)
Those Knights are the survivors of a race that had been on the brink of extinction due to ignorance.
Centuries ago the Stryx (because they are literally the worst) led all the other race types to believe that the Wakandans (Dark complexion race) were cursed. And that the curse would be spread to others if not annihilated. Eventually, education and knowledge prevailed to the wisdom that the Wakandans were never cursed at all. The alleged curse that created the Wargare were of actually of Elf decent. But it wasn’t a curse as much at it was a mutation caused by the unregulated use of Mana in the elf race. Since they could no longer be drained of Mana. The Mana ended up infecting their blood. The Wargare mutation was actually a blessing that allowed that sector of Elf to survive. (This also explains why a Wargare/Elf has/will never exist.) But by then it was too late for 99% of the Wakandans population. Those that are still alive hide their race in fear of future persecution due to ignorance. While also serving in various kingdoms to prevent such genocides from ever happening again. Wakanda forever.

(If I can come up with that in 20 minutes. Then surely your professional writers can do better with the lore of a future faction.)

They probably didn’t go that half-assed because it’s half-assed. It’s the J.K. Rowling school of inclusion. “Oh, now that my books are successful, you know that one kid in this background scene? I wrote her in because she’s bisexual. She has no dialog and doesn’t impact the novel in any way but it’s totally canon.” 2 years later she’s spewing bile about trans people.

The right thing to do when confronted with, “Where’s this representation?” isn’t to fabricate that you intended for some incidental characters to be that way but gosh darn it their skin is invisible. It’s to do what Salty did: point out your intents, how that led to this situation, and whether you plan to make changes to those processes.

Then you have to actually do the thing, but that takes waiting.


My goodness. Does race have to be brought up in everything. Can we even enjoy a game without people being called racist or infer that they are racist for not having different color characters. If this bothered people so much why wait til now? Please let us enjoy the game and stop with the nonsense of calling people out that do not deserve to be called out. It’s complete and utter nonsense. Like I said if this was an issue it should have been brought up 5 years ago otherwise I see it as fake rage.


I’m having a hard time finding anything in this thread that qualifies as “rage.” If anything, I am impressed that both sides of the conversation have been quite civil.

I would also note that there is no statute of limitations on inclusion. Nobody has ever said, “speak now or forever hold your peace” when it comes to suggestions for troops in this game. On the contrary, the very nature of the game as an expandable gacha is that it is perfectly positioned to incorporate suggestions like this into the future portfolio.


Let’s just remove humans
See if people would demand representation :rofl:


This reminded when ppl complained about Tifa’s breast not realistic in Final Fantasy.

Recently something happened in America that is making race relations a trendy subject. That criticism is fair. But it NEEDS to be (and SHOULD have been) a topic for most of human civilization until there wasn’t an issue with races anymore.
Unfortunately great chaos is required for any actual change to occur. Hopefully 2020 isn’t looked back as the year a disease took over the world. But instead the year racism was finally abolished…or at the very least… Made the notion of racism something that disgusts us like the thought of Child Molestors rather than something we just turn our heads from.
Are the devs or art designers racist? Most likely not though I don’t know any of them on a personal level.
Would the inclusion of dark complexion troops help with race relations? 100% yes.
Does it fall under the devs or art designers to help end racism in the world? That’s a question only they can answer themselves.

If you or anyone else are annoyed by the conversation of race being discussed. The solution isn’t to end the conversation. The solution is to end the actions that cause the discussions to be triggered.