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NNNnnnoooooooooo! it hurts to live :(

y tho.

Life is unfair…
(for those who dont understand: no faunessa)

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Faunessa is not available on Console yet. Sylvasi is your Pan’s Vale Event troop of the week that you can also pick up using Glory.

Yep its not officially released,

Please completely IGNORE the picture and the text on this weeks Event Chest stating that you can win Faunessa. The cake is a lie.

A personal note I opened almost 150 Event Chests to get The Silent One and can now build an army of Mythic Blade Dancers… yes I did get 1 Silent One.


I had to use 33 to finally get my silent one

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In fairness, I believe Faunessa was included in the last update (I can double check in a bit) but otherwise she’s still locked away.

silent one this week from event chests? great, need 1 more to get him to mythic :smiley:

Yes, as the event is set in Pan’s Vale, Silent One will be the Legendary you can pull from the chest. Need 3 myself to get him to Mythic, but saving the gems for Wild Plains.

now i want my 6 event keys back that i threw at the event picture of faunessa :sob:

I wasted 20 event keys :frowning:
On a side note I received 10+ bladedancers so there is that…

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Sounds about right.

Well, on the plus side, you can now front your 10 Blade Dancers with a Siren and you’ll have a pop band.