Newbie? Casual? Lazy? The Shadowcloaks want you! (No hurry.)

Are you looking for a guild that will double your daily login gold and give you all kinds of perks, but can’t find one that accepts newbies? Are you not obsessed with making the impossible top 100 in PvP every week, and looking for a guild that doesn’t care?

Here at the hall of the Shadowcloaks, we’ve opened our doors to new members. We’ve been around quite a while, long enough to get some decent guardian bonuses; but we never did get very big. That’s exclusivity for you, and that’s why we’re in the market for new blood. All we’re looking for are people who will earn guild seals at their own pace so we can get better chests, and maybe chip in on a guild task now and then when their gold starts to pile up.

So whether you’re hardcore, softcore, or Common Core (just kidding; nobody wants that), come join the Shadowcloaks. We have cookies.

Hey I’d like to join if you’ll have me. I’ve recently started up on mobile after getting addicted on Xbox so not a huge income just yet, but getting back up to speed.

I’d contribute whatever I can.

Invite is LOST 8

Thanks guys

I’m asking for a friend. How many people are in the guild currently?

I’m interested in giving you a try. Code INTEGRA

I’m having trouble with your invite code. Is there maybe an underscore in it?

5/30 right now, but only 2 are really active; we had some friends join but they haven’t kept with the game.

Oh, sorry, didn’t realize you had so few members. Good luck to you though. :slight_smile: